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Sign Spinners Archives

Red Spirits & Wine

Posted by on 3.29.12 in Blog, USA

“Boy hot damn, I tell them boys stood out there on the road all afternoon , man they got spit on, cussed at. They kept on smiling, aint that right mark? Aint that right mark? “They did a great job.” They did a super job man. I tell you what, most innovating company since nancys […]

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World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas

Posted by on 3.29.12 in Atlanta, Blog, Las Vegas, USA

  The first round of the 5th Annual World Sign Spinning Championships took place at the Fremont Street Experience Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. The second and final rounds and the crowning of the best AArrow sign spinner were scheduled to take place Saturday. Tom Tucker of Atlanta warms up before the first round of the […]

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DCist Exposed 2012 Winners

Posted by on 3.26.12 in Blog

This photo was entered for the DCist Exposed 2012 contest. It was one of the winning photos chosen, and was taken by flickr user, pnzr242. Sign Spinner, Ray Rivera, the 2010 World Sign Spinning Champion was showing off his skills for the camera. Sweet action photo pnzr242!

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South Park Episode 1607

Posted by on 3.26.12 in Blog, USA

Last week, South Park aired it’s 1607th episode! The episode highligted a type of business, using a form advertising you see everyday when your driving around…sign spinning!   “Cartman launches a gemstones network show and creates a very lucrative business. Stan searches for the real value of a piece of jewelry that was […]

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MOBBED: Episode 6

Posted by on 3.21.12 in Blog, USA

With the help of the AArrow Sign Spinner & professional dancers posing as Art’s competitors, Howie Mandel and choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo stage a dance audition, and Art will have the opportunity to compete for the chance to meet his estranged father for the very first time. All hope is seemingly lost when Art […]

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The Finals: World Sign Spinning Championships 2012

Posted by on 3.20.12 in Blog, Las Vegas, USA

AArrow Sign Spinners prepare for a once a year event that they prepare for for 364 days. They train day and night for the opportunity to show off their skills and compete in the World Sign Spinning Championships. This year, we had over 55 AArrow Sign Spinners from all over the world that met up […]

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“Sign Spinning is the coolest job in the world”

Posted by on 3.19.12 in Blog, USA, Washington D.C

It could be the most boring profession in the world. A sign hold for hours.Somewhere in the dense city traffic. But when Ray Rivera, 21, with advertising, swirls and amazed passersby stop. In Washington, makes the “Sign Spinner” the sidewalk to the stage.

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A recent Thursday at 4:56 p.m.

Posted by on 3.5.12 in Blog, San Francisco, USA

Sweat dripped off Zahid Peoples’ brow as he briefly stopped dancing and held his 6-foot-long cardboard arrow over his head. It pointed toward the Moscone Center. Aside from the occasional water break, it was the only time he had stood still over the previous hour. He wore DJ-style headphones that pump dance beats into his […]

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Spinning means Winning!

Posted by on 3.5.12 in Blog, Las Vegas, Nashville, USA

  MURFREESBORO — Sign spinning is serious business. Not only do local businesses and franchises benefit from the eye-catching, flipping and flying hand-held advertisements, but some talented young people are making a nice income while gaining a fandom reserved for B-list celebrities. And if listening to an iPod playlist while acting like a goofball weren’t enough […]

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Local Nasville AArrow Sign Spinner competes in World Championship

Posted by on 3.5.12 in Blog, Las Vegas, Nashville, USA

A Nashville man recently competed in the Sign Spinning World Championships in Las Vegas, finishing 44th among more than 3,600 spinners from around the country. Colton Kinslow told Nashville’s News 2 he has been spinning signs advertising area businesses since he was 14-years-old. “I’ve been doing it since then, so this is my first and […]

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