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Sign Spinners Archives

Spinners Spin For Shaves At Philips Event

Posted by on 7.31.12 in Blog, Europe

Earlier this month, Philips continued their ‘Express Yourself Every Day’ campaign in London by setting up a tent in Covent Garden Square and calling it the “Philips Bodygroom Barbershop.” Here there were “barber babes”  out to find as many hairy men as possible to shave.

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Sign Spinners Hit The Streets Of Paris For Subway

Posted by on 7.30.12 in Blog, Europe

AArrow Paris sign spinners spin for Subway in front of picturesque scenery, on the streets in front of the Subway, as well as in a stadium in front of hundreds of people. Spinners were seen flipping, spinning and taking pictures with the amazed bystanders to help show Subway’s appreciation for their customers!

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Spinning for Shoen Jump Alpha outside Comic Con!

Posted by on 7.17.12 in Blog, San Diego, USA

The 43rd annual Comic Con event took place this past weekend from July 11th- 15th at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Amongst all of the die hard fans in their favorite heros and villans costumes, there was Shonen Jump Alpha, a weekly digital menga publication. At the event they invited fans […]

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AArrow Ads – Becoming Placards of our Generation

Posted by on 7.12.12 in Blog, USA

Bumper stickers on the back of cars and personalized t-shirts advocating the many different opinions and information from an array of topics are now becoming obsolete when compared with the attention sign spinners can create from their extreme sport-like moves, all while they advertise and grab the interest of anyone close by. AArrow Advertising has […]

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AArrow Spins to Raise Awareness

Posted by on 7.12.12 in Blog, USA

AArrow has yet again been up to their usual success of creating attention for the many businesses and organizations that they spin for. It’s been no different for the Cleats for Bare Feet organization, who hired an AArrow sign spinner this past June to spin at one of their benefits. Cleats for Bare feet is […]

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Sign spinners love their work despite excessive heat

Posted by on 7.11.12 in Baltimore, Blog, Phoenix, USA

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (CBS5) – You see them spinning their signs all over town. And despite these dangerously hot temperatures, these guys say there’s nothing else they’d rather do.

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