The Great Recycle 2013

Honest Tea and AArrow Advertising have teamed up once again for The Great Recycle, which will be touring the nation. The event took place at Union Station, where a large recycling bin was placed. Honest Tea encourages people to come recycle in exchange for a prize. The more bottles recycled, the better the prize. AArrow…

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RightThisMinute: Videos Before They Go Viral – ‘Sign Guys’ Show Off Their Best Moves

Check out this video posted by RightThisMinute with an interview from this year’s WSSC Champion Mike Wright! “‘Sign guys’ don’t just twirl a piece of cardboard around telling you where to shop. They actually travel from around the world to compete in the World Sign Spinning Championships to see who the best sign spinner really is. And they…

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The Charlotte Observer – South Charlotte News reports on AArrow Charlotte

Putting a new spin on advertising By Hilary Trenda A south Charlotte teen is heading to Las Vegas for AArrow Advertising’s international sign-spinning competition Feb. 19-22. Rico El-lis, 18, started sign spinning for the outdoor advertising company in June 2011, and before he’d been with AArrow a full year he placed seventh overall at last…

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