Additional Resources during the Corona Virus pandemic.

If you or anyone you know have been affected by the recent economics Covid-19, you are not alone. There are resources available, and many people may just not know where to start looking. Here is a small list of a few places to start.

Out of Work Temporarily or Lost Your Job?

This may be a challenging time for, your family, or even someone you know. Unemployment Insurance or temporary employment may be the best option depending on your circumstances. If you are forced to stay home because your children are not in school, you may still qualify for benefits. If you were a gig worker, independent contractor, or self employed, there may be options. Corona Virus Resources vary state to state, check your state’s local unemployment website or to start and get started immediately. This crisis won’t go away immediately, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can receive actions.

  • Sick Leave
    • If you have been laid off or temporarily out of work, you may be entitled to use any sick leave that has been accrued.
  • Unemployment Insurance
    • If you lost your job or have been laid off due to the pandemic. You may qualify for unemployment insurance benefits while you look for another job. You may still be able to receive benefits and work part time.
  • Temporary Unemployment for Furloughed Workers
    • If you have a job and are expecting to return to work when this is all over, you may qualify to receive unemployment insurance benefits during the duration. The best thing to do is apply now.
  • Unemployment Insurance for reduced hours
    • If your hours have been cut due to the pandemic, you may still qualify for benefits based on your states policies. In many states you can receive reduced benefits while working part time.
  • Industries hiring essential employees
    • Looking for immediate work? Warehouse jobs, grocery stores, food production, delivery, and restaurants are still looking for staff. See who’s in your area.

Additional Resources during the pandemic

This may be a challenging time during the pandemic to make rent, groceries, auto payments, or phone bills. Start with cancelling any non-essential services to keep monthly bills low. Some services like rent, phone bill, and groceries however are essential to everyone and may be challenging to meet.

  • Food banks
    • Food banks are literally giving away food to those who need it. Check with your local county food bank and arrange a pick up if you or someone you know does not have groceries.
  • Deferred Payments
    • Many banks, landlords, utility companies, cell phone providers are allowing late or deferred payments. Check with your institutions and let them know you’ve been affected by the pandemic to see what their policy is.

Avoiding Contamination or High Exposure Environments

Things are forecast to get a whole lot worse before they start to get better. The last thing you want to have happen is to get infected during these economically challenging times. With all the shelter in place orders and business closures, the places of highest exposure may be the grocery store or the warehouse your good may be delivered from. Grocery stores are an essential businesses and are seeing larger crowds both as employees and consumers, but even their safety protocols may not protect you from your food being stocked or handled by someone who is sick or contagious. The same with delivery services, the goods have exchanged hands and facilities so many times; you won’t ever know who or how many people touched your package. Even if you are doing your part and staying away from other, contaminants may still find a way into your home. Aside from the common sense you may have seen reinforced in the news, like don’t touch your face or wash your hands; there are still extra steps you can take.

  • Don’t wear shoes at home
    • The bottoms of your shoes have the most contact with the outside world. Trying to sanitize your shoes every time you enter or exit may be tedious or not a good use of your sanitary supplies. The easiest solution is to just not wear shoes inside and keep your floors clean.
  • Buy more packaged goods
    • Canned products, raw ingredients, or bulk items (Beans, rice, pastas) have passed through less hands than say a packaged sandwich, pre-made dinners, or a rotisserie chicken. Shop smart and avoid products that have additional processing. If you have the option to buy in bulk (not hoarding) to avoid frequent trips to the grocery store, then that may be a viable option to avoid grocery stores during the peak of the outbreak. Always clean your products at home before storing.
  • Clean your online orders or packages
    • The virus can only live on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Let your package sit for a day before unpacking and sanitizing it’s contents. It may seem tedious, but there have been recent outbreaks and contamination at warehouses due to the crowding and increased staff.
  • Wash and clean high contact surfaces
    • This one may seem like common sense, but think about all the high contact items in your house: Door knobs, counters, fridge handles, light switches, and your cell phone. It doesn’t do much good if you wash your hands but then immediately touch a dirty phone.
Sign Spinners Coronavirus Resources
AArrow Sign Spinners are taking measures to protect against Corona virus and directing others to helpful resources.

The purpose of this is to guide anyone to resources that are available through your state or local government if they are unaware of them. This is a time of uncertainty that we all need to pull together and help each other. If you see someone begging for food in front of grocery stores, make sure they know that food banks are literally giving away food. If someone you know is looking for work or laid off, guide them to unemployment and part time work options. Disclaimer: This publication is intended solely as helpful resources during the corona virus pandemic and a guide for advice. Please consult local state and county web resources, listen to instructions by local governments, and follow medical journals and researchers for the most up to date information.

Covid-19 Act Now – A website to show the trend and estimated peak in your state

Federal Coronavirus Updates

Click here to see how AArrow is responding to Corona Virus Pandemic

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