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  1. AArrow Sign Spinners are considered an extension of the businesses that we are spinning for and therefore can be used for essential businesses.
  2. All Sign Spinners are able to provide outdoor advertising while not coming into contact with other employees, clients, or managers. The AArrow App allows all of our spinners to receive campaign information, confirm their schedule and check in for shifts. Sign Spinners can "knock and waive" from outside your location if requested and links to sign spinner heat maps are also available upon request.
  3. Sign Spinners must stay at least 6 feet away from any pedestrians, and let them pass in a respectful manner.
  4. Sign Spinners must have some type of face covering which must be worn anytime within 20 feet of other people including cars with open windows, and kept visible when spinning (around your neck). AArrow will provide masks and disinfectant wipes for all spinners and reimburse employees for any PPE purchased in order to provide service.
  1. Signs picked up from the AArrow office will be left outside and disinfected before receipt.
  2. If you pick up the sign from the client office, and it is not left outside you follow all protocols listed at the client office.
  3. Each Sign Spinner should use their own sign. No returning of signs to client offices or exchanging signs with other spinners.
  4. All recruiting, interviews, and orientations will be done virtually. Spinners have access to all training videos through the AArrow App.
  5. Each Sign Spinner will have an opportunity to qualify for the 2021 World Sign Spinning Championship by uploading a highlight video directly through the AArrow App