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Sign Spinners

Jacob Grigsby

"I ain't never been full off of wings, ever!" Said Jacob

Kendric Washington

Kendric won the WSSC at a phenomenal tie-breaker event

Davis Davis

The name so nice that you see it twice. This man needs no introduction

Mark Dandridge

Mr. Rad Dad himself!

Shamon Ingram

You'll see the cowboy hat before you see him spin!

Troy Banks

AArrow's Spinner of the Month is awarded to the Spinner who has gone above and beyond in their market. This month the award goes to Troy Blanks from team Raleigh. Troy was nominated by his peers for his great energy, leadership and character. Troy’s hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated by everyone in the AArrow family.

Ryan O'Steen

Congratulations to Ryan O’Steen out of the Atlanta for winning spinner of the Month for July 2018. Ryan has been burning up the corners with awesome personality and sign spinning moves in the streets of Atlanta. Learn all about Ryan O’Steen in our Spinner Bio below!

Taylor Scribner

August's Spinner of the month is no other than Taylor Scribner from San Diego! Taylor always goes above and beyond with his signature sign spinning skills and is consistently a team player. Your energy and positive attitude are contagious, Taylor!

Manuel Palomino

Manuel Palomino has spun thousands of hours and held down countless titles through-out his AArrow career. Originally from the DMV area, Manuel has left his mark across other AArrow markets like Houston, Ohio, and New York. Currently, Manuel resides in Philadelphia and oversees operations as the General Manager

Sören Knauft

Soren started spinning 3 years ago in Madgeburg but has since left his mark on corners through-out all of Germany. Soren's favorite tricks are the classic Helicopters and all of its many variations. His favorite genres of music to spin too are Psy-Trance and High Tech Electronica. After a long day of spinning, Soren likes to unwind with a bowl of hot cheese soup

Gianfranco Palacios

Franco is not only a master of his craft when it comes to spinning the sign, but also helps lead his time to victory every weekend in the DMV area. When Franco isn't spinning signs he's either DJing or sharing fire memes. Franco's favorite tricks to bust out are head spins (good choice!) and flares, watch out for him at the upcoming World Sign Spinning Championships!

Tyler Cartwright

This month we want to recognize everyone's favorite sign spinning sensation, you may have seen him down under spinning in Australia or in Asia spinning with our Korean team and chowing down on some tteok-bokki. Tyler Cartright, you have not only stolen our hearts, but you have also stolen December's title for Spinner of the Month!