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Sign Spinners

Kendric Washington

The competition would be fierce but Kendric was playing for keeps. The 10 best sign spinners remaining would all have scores within a fraction of a point of each other, this would definitely be the toughest competition yet. Kendric would ultimately distinguish himself from the rest with his original arsenal of tricks and his damn near flawless performance landing near perfect scores. It was an undeniable victory and Kendric would take home the title of World Sign Spinning Champion for the year.

Joe Zamecki

We want to recognize one of our core team players that does anything to get the job done, and also personally sees to it that other spinners get to and from work, safe. He's a grandfather and a musician, but age is just a number because he brings it just as hard as any of the teenagers and 20 year old spinners. Joe Zamecki, you are February's Sign Spinner of the Month!

Luke Michaud

Boston is where Luke started his sign spinning career with Liberty Tax over 11 years ago. Originally he was trained in the art of sign spinning by AArrow as part of hybrid Liberty Tax Waiver program, and he has been hooked ever since. In few years, Luke would move out to California where he would ultimately realize his dreams of joining AArrow Sign Spinners!

Jacob Vega

19 year old Jakob started his sign spinning adventure when he was just 16 years old. A few of his high school friends were sign spinners and brought him to a quarterly competition in San Antonio. Jakob was blown away and knew he had to get involved. Some of his favorite tricks are chicken wing surprise party and wheel of karma, some intensity there!

Jose Gonzalez

Las Vegas Sign Spinners fear nothing and give everything they got! 24 year old Jose Gonzalez, has been a Las Vegas Sign Spinner for the last 4 years. He is an avid musician and was drawn to sign spinning because the street corner is just like a stage. He can really bring the energy and entertain the masses at work! Jose has a lot of fun sign spinning, some of his favorite tricks are Patty-Cake, Singapore Sling, and Black Hawk Down.

Mike Patterson

AArrow wouldn't be what it is today without some people, especially the founders that started it all. We're going all the way to the nations capital, Washington, D.C. to recognize one of our most influential members of our team. Mike Patterson, you are June's Sign Spinner of the Month!

Eric Mayo

You got to be tough to be a Sign Spinner in July out in Texas. That's why we are going back to Houston to recognize sign spinner of the month for July. Eric Mayo, you are July's sign spinner of the month! Eric has been spinning for 6 years and he is easily one of the best in Texas. He is a master of inverts and anything on a hand stand.

Parker Parrot

Parker originally got started because he was saving up enough money to build his first gaming computer. Well that, and the obvious influence of the legendary Matt Doolan. He got started when Matt threw a sign at him and he just kinda went from there.

Jimmel Martin

It’s no secret that Houston is home to some of the best sign spinners on the planet. That’s why they keep winning spinner of the month! That’s because with the intense Houston heat and humidity, you have to be tough to have an outdoor job

Chris Bontilao

Chris has been a sign spinner for almost 2 years now. He originally got started when he found the job on the internet, but like many of us, he fell in love with the sport as soon as he started spinning. His favorite part of the job is getting to make a difference in the community by spreading thousands of smiles every time he goes to work :)

Jeffrey Overweg

Jeffrey, 28, has been a sign spinner for 3 years now, and he loves every minute of it. This Las Vegas native got started when a friend of his brought him to practice and has been hooked since. It's not everyday when you get to have a job that lets you have fun and spread positivity through the community. He loves the job because he gets to be himself and work outside!

James Phelps

2020 has been a wild year. It is impressive that anyone could work 1300 sign spinning hours in 2020, yet alone doing it in the scorching desert. James Phelps, from Phoenix, Arizona, though. This man has dedication and whole gumption. James has been a sign spinner for about 8 years. Originally he started out with media nation, but went over to AArrow and it was one of his best decisions.