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Conan using sign spinners to buy Greenland!?

Well, not exactly but we did get a be a part of it! On Monday night’s episode of Conan Without Boarders, Conan goes to Greenland in an attempt to buy. To create an extra buzz, Conan has teamed up with AArrow Sign Spinners to promote the show around Hollywood. Our sign spinners were impossible to…

AArrow Sign Spinners, Sign Spinners, Sign Holders, Sign Rockers

James Corden spins signs on The Late Late Show!

James Corden (from The Late Late Show with James Corden) shows off some of his sweet sign spinning skills in his latest hilarious skit for Instagram. James and Josh Gad give a quick recap of the major Hollywood blockbusters they got fired from (probably for being too attractive) before finally landing a sign spinning role.…

West Hollywood Auto Show on Sunset Strip

 Justin and Jon Brown (The BrownsBrothers) were spotted in West Hollywood, spinning for the West Hollywood Auto Show. They put on a show for locals and tourists alike, drawing crowds in to check out all the latest and greatest cars on display from makers like Fisker, Toyota, Subaru, Lexus, Volkswagen, Tesla, Jaguar, Kia, Cadillac and GMC!

Summer in Southside

AArrow Sign Spinners are the perfect blend of street performance and advertising. Summer in Southside is an outdoor street performance festival sponsored by the Birmingham Hippodrome, and they wanted to increase attendance in a spectacular way. They brought the best sign spinners from Hollywood to perform in Birmingham’s busiest areas to promote for this amazing collection…

The Hollywood Run

The Hollywood Run is a long held tradition in Hollywood, CA. This year AArrow advertising volunteered Sign Spinners and signs to be present at every mile marker spinning mile marker signs. The 1-day event was well attended and raised a lot of money for the youth homeless shelters in downtown Los Angeles.