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World Sign Spinning Championship 2021

Here's our top 30

  1. Jacob Mitchell Houston
  2. Kadeem Johnson Los Angeles
  3. Evan Vaughn Nashville
  4. Kendric Washington DMV
  5. Zack Blaylock Charlotte
  6. Eli Scholz- Sacramento
  7. Davis Davis San Diego
  8. MJ Mirho Nashville
  9. Jimmel Martin Houston
  10. Theo Davis Atlanta
  1. Alexander Kleißle Germany
  2. Jakob Vega San Antonio
  3. Teddy Karwacky San Diego
  4. Michael Moore Tampa
  5. Joey Castanon Los Angeles
  6. Christian Altamirano Los Angeles
  7. Eric Mayo Houston
  8. Rayen Jones Las Vegas
  9. Tyler Cartwright Atlanta
  10. Carlye White Houston
  1. Mia Arellano Austin
  2. Chance Jordan Portland
  3. Jeremy White San Diego
  4. Jacob Grigsby Phoenix
  5. Trinity Robinson Atlanta
  6. Daniel Heymann DMV
  7. Matt Evans DMV
  8. Tyler Thomas San Diego
  9. Chris Sicuso Las Vegas
  10. Troy Blanks Raleigh

The 2021 World Sign Spinning Championship!

It's that time of the year again! The best sign spinners all around the world go head to head and battle for the title of the World Champion Sign Spinner. Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic, we aren't able to gather in Las Vegas like we normally would have liked to. We're doing things a little different this year obviously, so things are virtually. 75 competitors, and only 25 advance to the next round. Music by Emperor Steve!

WSSC 2021


AArrow Sign Spinners on CBS College Football

  World Sign Spinning Champions Laramie Rosenfield, Kadeem Johnson and Rico El-Lis are featured in this commercial for CBS College Football shot in NYC.


Sign Spinning 3rd Base Coach for The Savannah Bananas!

Davis Davis, aka @samenametwice, became an honorary Savannah Banana for 2 games in September!     The Savannah Bananas are an exhibition baseball team based in Savannah, Georgia. The team was founded in 2016 and has played at Grayson Stadium since its inaugural season. Until 2022, the Bananas competed in the Coastal Plain League‘s (CPL) West division, where they won three Petitt Cup championships (2016, […]


Spinteractions : August 2022 Newsletter

Jerald’s creative nature goes beyond sign spinning. His creativity is demonstrated through dance and cinematography as well. His talents allow him to seamlessly bounce between composing beautiful video edits, and composing elegant sign spinning routines. Jerald had the chance to showcase all 3 of these attributes at the 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship. His ability […]


Sign Spinners for Amazon Fresh across the country!

Amazon Fresh is Here to Change How We Do Groceries! Their new grocery store is designed from the ground up to offer a seamless grocery experience, either in-store or online. Our AArrow Sign Spinners in Seattle and Washington DC have recently assisted in the promotion of new retail store locations.