The 2024 World Sign Spinning Championships

Every year, the best sign spinners in the world go head to head in Las Vegas and battle for the title of the World Sign Spinning Champion! 


Downtown Las Vegas, NV | February 24, 2024

Extreme Sports Meets Performance Art


The World Sign Spinning Championship is an unstoppable force of raw talent and energy from the worlds best urban, street-corner athletes.

Witness the most original form of performance arts meets extremes sports that there is on the planet.

Sign Spinners from over 40 cities and 10 different international locations will go head to head to battle. But there can be only 1 World Sign Spinning Champion.

60 of the World's Best Sign Spinners

An All-Star cast of former world champions, local favorites, viral super stars,  underdogs, and the latest new comers to the sport.

3 Rounds of Sign Spining

Sign Spinners blend martial arts, breakdancing, and skateboarding into a unique, engaging street spectacle.

Downtown Las Vegas

Thousands of spectators and fans gather to watch the action in the center of the Fremont Street Experience. 


Make your brand the center of attention at the World Sign Spinning competition, ensuring the reach of the thousands of tourists in Downtown Las Vegas.

This exhilarating competition unfolds amidst the electrifying atmosphere of Fremont Street Experience, drawing over 10,000+ enthusiastic spectators.

Sponsor A Spinner

An All-Star Sign Spinner of your choosing will Spin a Sign with your brand or message.

Ringside and Stage Banners

Branded Ringside Banners and Branded Digital Banners Available on and around the stage.

Branded Tent & Product Promo

Branded Pop-Up Tent In Front of the Stage for Product Promo, Additional Printing available.

Executive Sponsorship

Naming Rights, Sponsorship Shout Outs, Branded T-Shirts, Competition Signs, Promo Tent, and More!


 The World Sign Spinning Championship is renowned for its exceptional talent and one-of-a-kind performances. Every year, the WSSC has consistently attracted significant local, national, and international media coverage before, during, and after the event.


  • Broadcasted nationwide by ESPN, allowing audiences countrywide to witness the raw talent of the World Sign Spinning Championship.
  • Extensively covered by major Las Vegas news networks and featured on the front page of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, highlighting the event’s unique appeal and significance.
  • Picked up by countless media outlets world wide reaching millions and thousands of reshares and mentions across social media.


The competition will erupt in the heart of The Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas and blow the minds of the THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who visit The Fremont Street Experience daily.

How Is Sign Spinning Judged?

Each round in the championship will be scored by a panel of three judges, including sign spinning legends and former champions.

2018 World Sign Spinning Championship Flashback

 Judges will grade competitors in three categories, with each category offering up to 10 points. The maximum score per judge is 30 points, totaling up to 90 points per round.

  • Technical Ability – sign spinning tricks: flips, spins, twists.
  • Execution – how smooth and complete said tricks are performed.
  • Style – how well its all put together: dancing, poses, rhythm (often overlooked).