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Professional Sign Spinners anywhere.anytime.

World Sign Spinning Championship 2023

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How Much Do You Pay for Attention?

Out of Home (OOH) Outperforms
Traditional Media

Bring more awareness to your brand, event, product or service through AArrow Sign Spinners outdoor guerilla marketing. Our dynamic sign spinners can provide you with the outdoor advertising solution companies trust and rely on. As one of the top outdoor marketing companies in the United States (and beyond!) we believe our trusted arrow sign can bring you the attention you need- no matter your industry! AArrow Sign Spinners isn’t just an advertising company. We believe in providing fun, flexible jobs for young people while also offering career training for young people around the globe. Our dedicated and highly trained sign spinners can get your business or event shared on social media and are proven to bring more clients to your establishment, more visitors to your website, and have more people talking about your brand. Contact us today to learn more about how guerilla marketing can work for you!


Shared information on social media while viewing an ad.


TALKED about a product advertised


IMMEDIATELY visited the business


Say OOH is very, or somewhat likely, to influence a purchase


Visited a RESTAURANT advertised


Visited a WEBSITE that was advertised


Are more likely to learn about the brand being advertised


Search the web as a direct result of seeing an ad


ATTENDED an event advertised

Check out last year's highlights

Competitors from all around the world brought their Sign Spinning tricks to the streets at Fremont Street Experience to compete in the 14th Annual World Sign Spinning Championship. The event, hosted by AArrow Sign Spinners, puts Spinners to the test in the ultimate competition where sports meets advertising as they compete for the chance to be crowned the best AArrow Sign Spinner in the world!.

The Best Sign Spinners in The World 2022

  1. Kadeem Johnson Los Angeles
  2. Zack Blaylock Raleigh
  3. Matthew Doolan Dallas
  4. Kendric Washington Washington D.C
  5. Elijah Scholz Sacramento
  6. MJ Mirho Nashville
  7. Peter Schmidt Denver
  8. Eric Mayo Houston
  9. Evan James Las Vegas
  10. Laramie Rosenfeld Phoenix
  1. Jacob Grigsby Phoenix
  2. Jerald Vallen Las Vegas
  3. Davis Davis San Diego
  4. Alexander Kleißle Germany
  5. Chance Jordan Portland
  6. Clint Hartman San Diego
  7. Rayen Jones Las Vegas
  8. Terrance Williams Las Vegas
  9. Gadiel Santiago Orlando
  10. Joey Castanon Los Angeles
  1. TJ Simms Seattle
  2. Josiah Miller Atlanta
  3. Jakob Vega San Antonio
  4. Ashley Villa Sacramento
  5. Jose Gonzalez Las Vegas

Sign Spinners Testimonials

Californians for Consumer Privacy

They (AArrow) helped us reach millions of voters in the weeks leading up to election day. The early voting turnout was tremendous, it was a big deal for us to get out there early. Prop 24 totally passed.

Rick A.
Co-sponsor & Treasurer

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein

Verde Group

Sign Spinning is the most cost effective form of advertising for any industry

Charles D.
Executive Director

Halloween Express

"George was great. People loved him. He brought in a lot of new customers!"

99 Cent Store Sacramento, CA

"Customers were very excited about the sign spinners. I received a lot of good feedback.

Store Manager

Bliss 101 San Diego

Hi Luis, We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful sign spinner this past Sunday at Bliss 101. Zachary Roberson was on time, professional and very engaging with the sign spinning. He did a really nice job. Have a great week! Thank you,

Cumulus Radio Station Group Atlanta

Thanks for everything on Saturday. The spinners were great.

Mike Kee
Event Manager

Hayward Pool Supply IE

"Thank you! Great service. We got a LOT of compliments from our customers saying, "He is amazing". We actually got a couple of phone calls from people driving by wanting to compliment him. Thanks again. "

Christal's / Peekay Dallas / Ft. Worth

Good Morning, My name is Brittany and I am the store manager for the Christal's location off of Alta Mere and I just wanted to send an email to tell you that on Saturday 8/31 we had 2 of your sign spinners out working for us and everyone that saw them loved them. We had multiple calls from drivers saying how impressed with them they were. We also were completely impressed with them. I was not informed that they were even coming so having both show up for us on saturday was amazing and helped with traffic so much. Their professionalism was out of this world. They made sure to come by on Sunday to apologize for the mix up, which wasn't a problem at all seeing as we didn't even know they were coming. I went ahead and told them both to go to the Christal's location off of Randol Mill since i had them both on Saturday. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future and I will be telling my district manager that all 5 of our locations need them. Hope you have an amazing day and reach out to me if you need anything further!

Brittany Owens
Sales Manager

Drone Fly

"Hey Larry, Stephanie came out today and she was AWESOME!!! We had so many people call and come into our store saying how good she was. We also had a lot of friends and family that called us that happened to be driving by to say how good the sign spinner was. Thank you for sending her out. "

Justin Chien

Metropolitan State University of Denver

We are sooo impressed. He is doing a great job! I’d love to hire you for our next event.

Kate Agathon, Ph.D.
Employer Relations Career Specialist Office of Career Services

Jadoo TV

Hi Mark, Charley was very good and did a stellar job in spite of the crazy heat. Thank you for setting it up.


So what are you waiting for?




Campaign Summary : Live Nation x Blink 182

Live Nation enlisted the AArrow Sign Spinners to announce the upcoming Blink 182 Tour. 40 AArrow Sign Spinners took to the streets in 20 different cities at major events and high-traffic areas, using their eye-catching skills to create HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IMPRESSIONS IN UNDER A WEEK . People passing by were excited to stop and take […]


AArrow Sign Spinners on CBS College Football

  World Sign Spinning Champions Laramie Rosenfield, Kadeem Johnson and Rico El-Lis are featured in this commercial for CBS College Football shot in NYC.


2023 World Sign Spinning Championship

The 16th Annual World Sign Spinning Championship, on Saturday, January 14th, 2023 will bring together AArrow Sign Spinners from more than 50 Cities and a dozen countries to see who has the best Style, Execution, and Technical Sign Spinning ability. The competition will erupt in the heart of The Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las […]