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Spinning for the Wireless Sign Spinners industry



Cricket Retailer Las Vegas

"We really enjoy your business, Sign Spinners are great. We really love Kianna Jones who is very outgoing, and brings in customers. Everyone that comes in is really good."

4G Wireless

“We have been working with Aarrow Sign Spinners for over a year and they provide some of the best customer service we have ever seen. They have excellent communication skills and know how to handle situations with grace and fairness. You can tell by watching their teams that they love what they do, and that much passion and work ethic put into street advertising really makes a difference in traffic and sales.“


4G Wireless Manhattan Beach

Dear AArrow Sign Spinners, Dharrel Kabiling is a remarkable Sign Spinner. He has dramatically improved our sales! Everytime he comes to work for us customers come in and compliment Dharrel's skill and great attitude. We would very much like it if you could send Dharrel to spin for us more often. He is very good at spinning, and we would recommend him to any other Company. Thanks a lot, from myself, and the rest of our store.

Manny Moses
Store Mgr

Cricket Wireless

"We really enjoy your business, Sign Spinners are great. We really love Kianna who is very outgoing, and brings in customers. Everyone that comes in is really good."

J Phone

Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer Western Washington

"We enlisted the services of AArrow Advertising during May of 2014 to help introduce our new brand to the Western Washington market. Throughout our three-and-a-half year partnership, Richard Thesenga ("The Spinja") remained sensitive and responsive to our brand/company standards, business needs, and ongoing feedback for his team. AArrow sign spinners were a consistent component within our marketing activities and we would encourage other businesses to consider this unique medium for their own advertising efforts."

Alan Childress

Metro PCS Las Vegas

Hi Greg, Just wanted to follow up with you on a nice note I received from the DF Wireless dealer that the spinners are working for today. “The sign spinner guys are awesome & super professional. Thank you so much!” – please let your team know I appreciate their work. This dealer is tough to please, so the fact that they came to me with this feedback speaks volumes.

Make It Count - Marketing!

AArrow Sign Spinning is customized to fit each business' needs and unique location!
Ryan Archie


AArrow Sign Spinners create a positive 1st impression that every business needs!
Max Durovic

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!
Jean Ralphio Saperstein

Verde Group

Sign Spinning is the most cost effective form of advertising for any industry
Charles D.
Executive Director


Sign Spinners for METRO PCS

AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight - The Wireless Industry!

AArrow Sign Spinners are no stranger to the world of wireless retail. Over the years virtually every major player in the industry has utilized sign spinning on both large and small scales to generate market awareness. Sprint, AT&T, Metro PCS even smaller wireless retailers and repair shops have capitalized on AArrow’s affordable and flexible sign […]

Spectrum Sign Spinner

Spectrum Commercial Has A Sign Spinner?

Yup, that was a sign spinner in that new commercial for spectrum mobile. Your eyes do not deceive you. And not only was it just any sign spinner in that Spectrum commercial, it was none other than the sign spinning legend himself, Matthew Doolan! Jeez, this guy is on fire this year. We know we […]


AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight - Tax Prep

It is that time of year again, the tax season rush is just about upon us and that means businesses like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax are all searching for ways to stand out and bring in as many clients as possible. AArrow Sign Spinners and the signature Sign Spinning service is perfect […]


20-Year-Old Kendric Washington Named 2018 AArrow Sign Spinning World Champion

LAS VEGAS, NV – On Saturday February 17th, 2018, 20-year-old Kendric Washington from Maryland was named the 2018 AArrow Sign Spinning World Champion at the Fremont Street Experience. Washington beat out more than 100 AArrow Sign Spinners from 10 countries around the globe for the number one spot in the world. Washington received a $5,000 […]