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Wireless Sign Spinners

Professional Sign Spinners anywhere.anytime.

Spinning for the Wireless industry

Raleigh - AArrow Sign Spinners & Verizon


The World Famous AArrow Sign Spinners stopped by the Fox 5 San Diego backlot to talk about the upcoming 2017 World Sign Spinning Championships Presented by Cricket Wireless. Come see the San Diego competitors battle for first place on Fremont Street, February 24th & 25th.


For over a decade, The World Famous AArrow Sign Spinners have been advertising for Verizon Wireless retail locations.


Watch how the AArrow Sign Spinners provide the most cost effective advertising solution available for SoCal’s 1 Wireless Provider!”

Our Wireless clients

Sign Spinners Testimonials

Sprint Columbus OH

"Absolutely fantastic! More traffic than we have seen on a Saturday! Great sales day!

Sprint Nashville

"Patrick did an amazing job for us. He stayed energetic and several customers complimented him on his skills. Thanks Patrick come back again!

Kourtney Kent
Asst. Mgr Sprint

Metro PCS Nashville

"Douglas is a hard working man and because of him...we got 8 activations."

Metro PCS Nashville

"Hello, my name is Vee. I am the store manager for 1 of the Metro PCS stores on East Shelby Drive. Patrick Smith is one of the best promotiers I have ever seen. He has high energy and is very self motivated. Patrick was amazing at Sign Spinning today. Thank you!

Vee Purdy

Metro PCS Nashville

"Stacy arrived promptly before 12pm and has been outside sign spinning the past 5 hours. Thanks to her work we received 3 customers walking inside the store asking about our services. We appreciare her job today and the work she did."

Maria Aguirre

Metro PCS Memphis

"Patrick Smith & Terrance Harris did an excellent job today. Multiple customers were drawn into our store by them outside Sign Spinning. It totally helped our business for that day! Thanks so much."

Store manager

AT&T Long Beach

"Some positive feedback for the Sign Spinners I do have, is that they are all very upbeat. They went out there and talked to consumers and tried to get them to walk into the store. In addition to that we did have some rainy days and your employees still went out there and tried to get AT&T some more business, the employees never complained and was positive throughout the whole shift. I would definitely recommend this company to advertise any business."

Lola Marquez
Asst Store Manager

AT&T Temple City

"Rico has the best moves we have ever seen! He has really brought a lot of business and has gotten many compliments from our customers. We hope to have him more!

Store Manager

AT&T Temecula

Joe, I am one of the assistant managers at the Temecula CA AT&T retail store. I am writing to let you know of what an exceptional job Brad is doing here. He is absolutely the most dedicated and energetic I have seen to date. I want to thank him and your company for the level of enthusiasm and skill he has been providing to our location."

Charles F. Ramos
Assistant Store Manager

Metro PCS Telpage

"Mario definitely had an impact, 17 phones at 6:00pm. Nice Job :)"

AT&T Temecula

"Brad was awesome, his spinning was top notch!"



"The guy you sent today is AMAZING!! People are calling our stores talking about him and asking about our promo. "

Metro PCS Fort Lauderdale

Great day ... we sold 11 phones and 5 people mentioned the spinner brought them in. I'm very happy with Mario!

Store Manager

Metro PCS Las Vegas

Hi Greg, Just wanted to follow up with you on a nice note I received from the DF Wireless dealer that the spinners are working for today. “The sign spinner guys are awesome & super professional. Thank you so much!” – please let your team know I appreciate their work. This dealer is tough to please, so the fact that they came to me with this feedback speaks volumes.

Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer Western Washington

"We enlisted the services of AArrow Advertising during May of 2014 to help introduce our new brand to the Western Washington market. Throughout our three-and-a-half year partnership, Richard Thesenga ("The Spinja") remained sensitive and responsive to our brand/company standards, business needs, and ongoing feedback for his team. AArrow sign spinners were a consistent component within our marketing activities and we would encourage other businesses to consider this unique medium for their own advertising efforts."

Alan Childress

Verizon Dallas

The sign spinner in Abilene was phenomenal! He was completely energetic and made an impact to our grand opening event. I have another grand opening event in Carrollton on 11/18 and would like to request the same individual, attire, time and same signage if possible.

MobileOne NorCal

Mark, You're employee Elijah Scholz is an awesome employee. He brings business in and he gets tons of compliments from our customers. They love him! They are always coming in and saying "Who's that sign guy out there? He's awesome!" Recognition goes a long way for my employees at my store so I just wanted to give him a shout out and let you know that he is doing a GREAT JOB! If it is possible, it'd be great if he would be able to come to my location more often. That'd be awesome.

Andrew Green
Retail Associate Manager

Metro PCS

"Mark Dandridge was awesome! Customers came in because of him!"
San Antonio

Metro PCS Las Vegas/Reno

"Good afternoon Gregory, I received very good feedback from one of our dealers concerning your sign spinners :) You are making my job easy haha Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!"

Paije Kimble
Marketing Coordinator

Verizon Go Wireless

“We had good success with the sign spinner at our Murrieta Orchard location. With the busy intersection, it being a new location and the increase we saw in tablets sales we would like to continue this service. Can you please go ahead and schedule another 4 weekends at this location!”

Matthew S.
Director of Sales

Cricket Wireless

"We really enjoy your business, Sign Spinners are great. We really love Kianna who is very outgoing, and brings in customers. Everyone that comes in is really good."

J Phone

Metro PCS Fort Lauderdale

Great day even though (one guy no show) we sold 11 phones and 5 people mentioned the spinner brought them in. I'm very happy with Mario!
Store Manager
Fort Lauderdale

MPCS Pt. St. Lucie

"Super reliable and dependable. Always energetic and friendly. 09-07-16 Slim."
Fort Lauderdale


Hi Mike, I wanted to share with you some feedback I received from the field over the weekend, great job Justin! On Saturday 3/25/2017 the Williamsburg Store had the sign spinner at our location . The event was from 12pm to 5 pm. We decorated the store with balloons and the spinner Justin Brown arrived around 11:30 started right away. He asked for flyers and what locations in the area we would like him to go to. We had him directly outside the store and also at the entrance stairs to the J train. Justin was very friendly and had no problem showing of his talent to the kids that walked by that were eager to watch. During the event we did have 9 sales and 12 upgrades. People driving by enjoyed it also frequently beeping there horns in approval. Justin was really great at what he does and helped drive the traffic into the store . Please see attached pictures .
Nicole Cummings
Marketing Coordinator

Metro PCS Raleigh

Just wanted to pass along the feedback on a sign spin activation in Durham over the holiday weekend. The spinner at 2000 Avondale was INCREDIBLE!! They loved his attitude and energy. He was very talented and a great asset to your team.

Diana Fierst
Marketing Specialist

Metro PCS Baltimore/Washington DC

Mike, Thank you! I also wanted to let you know that DC Corporate Store had RAVING reviews of the spinner. The Store Manager, said that she LOVES the person that you guys have been sending. We are in a conference today and Desmyn (DC Store Manager) said that she was so impressed with him on Saturday. The spinner showed up, in the pouring rain on his bike. When Desmyn asked him why he was there (she figured that the shift would be rained out) his words were "I gotta get you guys your activations". That is huge, not only is he dedicated...he is now a MetroPCS customer. Thank you Mike and well done! Regards,

Jason Walker
Marketing Specialist

Metro PCS

I Just wanted to tell you i was very impressed with Bradley's spinning skills and his positive spirit i wish we had more guys come out like him. Tell him to keep up the great work and thank you. Btw my name is Brandon from Metro Pcs. 1546 Country Ridge lane location. Essex Md 21221. Thanks again!
Brandon Baier
Store Manager

A Wireless San Francisco Bay Area

"Assad is Great! Yery energetic and fun to watch!!!

A Wireless San Francisco

"Assad did great all weekend, very positive and professional"

A Wireless

Just to follow up on this past weekend :( We had the two sign spinner’s scheduled for the event Saturday July 30th, only one ended up showing. The other fellow called and said he had car trouble. He ended up not making it at all. The spinner that we did have was AWESOME :) Very satisfied with his performance :) I’ve attached a short video of him performing at the event. We ended up packing up shop early…before 2pm…so we let him go early too. It was hot, and we didn’t want him out there breaking a sweat if he didn’t have to :) But he did great and thought I would share that with you.

Dana Fields
Marketing Coordinator

Metro PCS

Good Afternoon, I am the assistant manager at MetroPCS at the Clementon store. The sign spinner that came to the Clementon MetroPCS store today did an extraordinary job. Many customers came in saying nothing but positive comments about him. So I just wanted to commend him for an excellent job well done.
Nicholas Sanchez

Metro PCS Lancaster, PA

Hello, Thank you for sending a wonderful spinner to our store today. She was amazing. Everybody had fun watching. Her spinning was really an eye catching and most of all it helped our business. Thanks again.

Young Kim

Cricket Retailer Las Vegas

"We really enjoy your business, Sign Spinners are great. We really love Kianna Jones who is very outgoing, and brings in customers. Everyone that comes in is really good."

4G Wireless

“We have been working with Aarrow Sign Spinners for over a year and they provide some of the best customer service we have ever seen. They have excellent communication skills and know how to handle situations with grace and fairness. You can tell by watching their teams that they love what they do, and that much passion and work ethic put into street advertising really makes a difference in traffic and sales.“


Boost Mobile LA

Brought in alot of customer. Great way of advertisement. I'm looking forward to doing this again!"

4G Verizon Seattle

I am reaching out to you because we love having these sign spinners, we are in a tough location to see off of the road and your sign spinners help bring a lot of attention to potential customers who don't even know we are here!

4G Wireless Manhattan Beach

Dear AArrow Sign Spinners, Dharrel Kabiling is a remarkable Sign Spinner. He has dramatically improved our sales! Everytime he comes to work for us customers come in and compliment Dharrel's skill and great attitude. We would very much like it if you could send Dharrel to spin for us more often. He is very good at spinning, and we would recommend him to any other Company. Thanks a lot, from myself, and the rest of our store.

Manny Moses
Store Mgr

Mobile One

To whom it may concern, Isaac did an incredible job sign spinning today, Thursday 10/8/15. Best numbers and most traffic we've had for a Thursday since we've been open. We need more sign spinners with his attitude and work ethic. Keep up the good work!

Chris Gelatt
Store Manager


My name is Kenny Suggs and I am the Store Manager at the metroPCS store at Security Mall for Clear Comm. I'm writing to let you know what phenomenal jobs that Daniel and Eric have done since being with us. Daniel was here at Security Mall today and my customer's loved him. Even regular mall customers came in to tell me that he was doing a great job outside. The same thing with Eric yesterday (08/15/2015), Eric was a huge part of why we had as many sales as we did and why we got the exposure we did. We would love for Daniel and Eric to come back as often as possible. They've been a great asset to have.
Kenny Suggs

Boost Mobile Visalia

"More people came in while he was outside. He did a great job. "

VerizonSan Francisco Bay Area

I know that I have brought to you quite a few issues in the past but I did want to say that in Auburn over the weekend, we had awesome feedback in regards to Brian Saephanh. The team said he was doing an amazing job and helped bring in quite a few customers. Feel free to put him down as the primary sign spinner there, if possible! I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend. Thank you,

T Mobile San Francisco Bay Area

These guys are great, a very live crew, they even came in and performed for us

4G Wireless San Diego

Mark Montellano made our Easter Sunday profitable + increased traffic.

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein




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