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Sign Spinners Testimonials

Elan 16Forty

“We always get great comments on our Aarrow signspinners….They grab the attention of everyone driving by. They even walk people all the way into the leasing office. It is like having an additional leasing associate.”

Christopher Smith
Community Manager


Christian, The spinner RICO at WREN was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and cancel the spinners at Metwest. But keep that schedule at WREN that I sent you yesterday Thanks,

Caroline Lee
Director of Leasing, Sales & Marketing

Preferred Living V & Three Apts

Can I please request him for all of our shifts? (Stacey Waits) He was AWESOME !!!! - Linda Kitts, Preferred Living V & Three Apts, Charlotte

Preferred Living V & Three Apts Charlotte

Can I please request him for all of our shifts? (Stacey Waits) He was AWESOME !!!!

Linda Kitts


Natalie said spinner did very well, even broght traffic to the office.


The Rise at 2534 Denver

 Hope you had a good weekend. I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how happy we were with Joel Highfill, who was our spinner Sunday May 12th. He did an exceptional job and brought in 4 walk ins on Sunday/Mother’s day. We asked him if he would be okay with us requesting him as our regular spinner. We would love to have him every Thursday, Friday and Saturday/Sunday. Additionally, I wanted him to get the acknowledgment of how well he did. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

UDR Residential

"We have had the opportunity to engage AArrowSignSpinners on several projects in the past. Coordination, communication and scheduling process was easy and streamlined, and any modifications to the schedule or any concerns – were met with professionalism and reassurance. We’ve recorded numerous feedback from our prospective customers on the fun and creative spinning of the AArrow signage."

Edita Lee
Area Sales Manager

Peyton Park Columbus

Yes – I was actually emailing you today! We would like to do the rest of the weekends for March! We had multiple compliments on the person who worked this past weekend! (Erwin Pacheco) People called in telling us how great of a job they did, so thank you! Thank you!
Brittnie McKinley
Business Manager

Parkside at Memorial Houston, TX

"We love having Darius here, he is an amazing Spinner, and always on top of his game!"

Toll Brothers at Laurel Ridge - Glen Glen

Hey Tony, The spinners did a great job today! When I audited the route they were all in the proper location and engaging with traffic. We had four visitors as a result of the spinners. Thanks!

Craig Naparstek
Sales Manager

Enclave at Otay Ranch

Hi Davis Davis :) I just wanted to convey my sincerest congratulations to you- I know some times in the sales office it might seem fake but I am so stoked for you!! GENERAL MANAGER! You Rock!

Stacey Smith

Greystar - The Union Flats

Hi Gregory, Thank you for following up with me today. I just wanted to send kudos to Alex as he is one of the best sign spinners that we have had. He is always so positive, friendly and has great energy- really enjoyed having him around and hope to see him again at our property! Please let him know that everyone at The Union Flats thinks he is awesome! Kind regards,

Michelle Azizi
Leasing Manager

Arboretum Apartments Charlotte Charlotte

HI Ian, Thank you so much for reaching out. Can you give me the name of the spinner who was here last weekend? I would like to if possible, have him all the time. He was great!

Mirid Veras
Community Manager

Broxton Bay

Toni, I have to say that when there was an issue with the spinners both you and Kris were on top of a solution. When there was an issue with hours worked or a performance issue you were responsive. This goes a long way in developing and maintaining a business relationship. AArrow was a much better experience than the other sign holders we have had in the past.

Curtis Johnson
Senior Property Manager

Elan Mountain View Greystar - Elan Mountain View

Hi Gregory, I wanted to personally reach out and let you know that the sign spinner we have today, and last saturday is INCREDIBLE! We’d like to keep him on as many days as possible for this shift. He has high energy, great spins, and we’ve noticed an increase in traffic. We’re really happy to have switched over to AArow and are elated with the level of service so far. Keep up the great work, and thank you!!

Tyler Browning
Community Manager

Century Communities Nashville

Hi Mike! Your guys were the star of the show this weekend. Everyone loved them, and they did a good job. I wanted to see about getting a rotation set up for that community on a bi-weekly basis.

Ashley Seaman​
Marketing Manager

The Point at Loudoun VA

"Michael, I wanted to thank you for your help during our occupancy issues and I can assure you that you are my first call if we dip low again. You guys are terrific and will make sure to let others know too! Thank you

Cindy Williams
Senior Property Manager

Lyon Communities Monarch Coast

Russel Garcia Oscar Aguilera "These 2 gentlemen did fantastic today. They brought in so many prospective tenants to our property during their shift, that our golf cart batteries died because we were using it back-to-back!"

Adam Steeg
Leasing Manager

Century Communities Nashville

"Our Grand Opening was a huge success today! Everyone said Tim was the best Sign Spinner they've ever seen. Thank you for the extra traffic!"

Ashley Seaman
Marketing Manager

Alliance Broadstone Brickell South FL

"To whom it may concern, I wanted to thank AArrow Sign Spinners for all the help. Yesterday 4/7/18, we had received a lease thanks to your guys. Good job guys!"
Raul Sarmiento

Alliance San Francisco

  I never did send the email over to you but I wanted to tell you that the two you had coming to our community for a while, a young man and women, they were amazing! They were always on time and we had more people mention them then any of our other sign spinners, also one of our renters said they came to our community and rented because they saw the young lady on the corner spinning and she was awesome! Just wanted to give you the feed back and we hope to see them around here again real soon.

Encasa Team Alliance Residential Company

Hello Mark, We wanted to mention that we had a good amount of traffic thanks to your employee who worked today’s shift! We’ve also had a resident email us and mentioned it to us in person We’d like to request him to cover on weekends! Thank you,

Hilltop at Shavano in San Antonio TX

"Mark Dandrige helped bring in alot of traffic 3 out of the 6 people said they saw the sign spinner which brought them into Hilltop at Shavano."

Ashley Sielski
Leasing Associate

The Redland Apt Homes Pinnacle

"AArrow Sign Spinners, We had Mark spin for us today ans we had several phone calls in regards to leasing. Our property has alot of land construction out front and people me are having a hard time seeing our sign. Mark is amazing!"

Troy Siebert,
Property Manager


Ernesto, I know you’re on vacation and I hope you’re enjoying yourself. But I just had to send you a note while I was thinking about it because it really needed to be recognized. The sign spinner you have working today at Yale and I-10. He is hands-down, by far and away the best sign spinner I’ve ever seen. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I see them every day but none of them have ever made me stop and take notice. Not only did I notice but I stopped to watch him for a few minutes. This guy was laying on his back and spinning the sign with his feet!!!! He’s justifiably worth the money. Just my thoughts and I copied Deitra because I never typically brag on people this heavily. She can vouch that I’m usually pretty demanding of people and their work ethic. Thanks

Chris McCombs

Capstone Management Retreat at Cross Mountain

"To AArrow Sign Spinners, We had a few calls today complimenting the great show Mark & Gloshay were performing today. I also made an appointment for a tour tomorrow from a prospect who saw the advertisement. Thank you!"

Michelle Harder
Resident Coordinator

Vista Bella Apartment Homes, Irvine Co

"Please tell Brooke that this sign spinner this weekend is so AWESOME. We would like to request him for every weekend we are able to get sign spinners. This is the best sign spinner I have ever seen....Carlos my Tech video taped him but it too big to send but. He is so energetic and he throws the arrow around and really gets people attention. I even had a person call on the phone just to tell us how great he was and they were not even interested in leasing an apartment. They just called to say how great he was. His name was Michael Paxton or something like that."

Amanda Harvey
Community Manager

Colonial Village Apartments Clark Place Manassas

Hi Michael, Thanks for your great service. He did a great job and we would love to continue using your service. I’ll let you know when we have our next open house. Have a great long weekend!
Alex Calero
Community Manager

Cove Apts Seattle Seattle

I had a great experience with Aarow Sign Spinners – the spinners were on time and communicative. Would definitely use again!

Bethany Dixon
Community Manager

Columbia Hospitality

Working with Aarrow Sign Spinners was a great experience. The communication was prompt, and our campaign was well-organized and executed. Best of all, we received a lot of “buzz” and additional exposure from people taking videos of them and posting on social media. We appreciated their enthusiasm in promoting Smith Tower, and I would definitely work with them again. Annie Quisenberry, Director of Marketing Columbia Hospitality

Annie Quisenberry
Director of Marketing

Greystar Azure City Living

"Hello, I am a small local business owner. I had to make sure that I let someone know about this man and his efforts at his job. This guy is awesome. He is doing your company a lot of justice. First time I've seen someone like himself actually interact with traffic as well. Are usually don't pay attention to the people that do that job. He was definitely the exception to the rule for me. I then pulled out my camera just to snap a picture of his awesome work. I think this picture could be blown up, put on a billboard and be used for advertising. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!"


Alexan Yale Street Houston, TX

Hello Jonathan, First and foremost I wanted to say that Travis is doing an amazing job at Alexan Yale Street! For the time period of 07/28-08/24 38% of our traffic has been property signage which we have closed on 41% of our leases with the same marketing source. Congrats!

Ernesto Gonzalez
Property Manager

Overlook Exchange Apartment Homes San Antonio

Good Morning Peter I wanted to write a good note on the behalf of Jesus Walle. He is always on time and spinning when he’s supposed to. Yesterday we had steady amount of traffic in our office. Keep it coming ! Thank ya’ll for spinning for us !

Spensha Baker
Leasing Consultant

Wiregrass at StoneOak San Antonio

"Today we received many phone calls complimenting our Spinner, Mark! We appreciate all you do! Thank you!"
Katelyn Lange
Leasing Consultant

The Park At Kingsview Village Maryland

Hello all, Matt the sign spinner did an awesome job! He gave really good feedback and said the median he was on was a good spot. He even had cars asking him for our information so we gave him some business cards. Even though we only had 5 tours, we took FOUR apps!!! All balloon pops were waived app fees. Can we get the spinner again next weekend??

Bonnie Dixon
ARM Community Manager

Greystar Station at Poplar Tent (Raleigh)

Hi Ian, I'm not sure how it went this past week but previous to that it has been going great. Josh has great energy and is drawing people in! I got two leases the other weekend and when I asked what brought them in they said they saw the guy out front and needed to come check us out!"

Flynn Community Washington DC

"Love him, he is awesome! We loaded him up with water and gave him a subway gift card to grab a bite." (About Kendric Washington)

Julie McGowan

Alliance Residential Company Los Angeles

  Its Anthony from Domain WeHo. Justin Brown did an amazing job today. Love his talent with the sign. Tell him to keep up the good work and we would love to see more of him!

Greystar Rustico Fair Oaks

"AArrow Sign Spinners, We received 3-4 phone calls today to receive pricing info, special information, set appointments for this weekend! We also had a lady and her son stop in to take a tour for her daughter and son in law after seeing our amazing Spinner Mark! Thank you so much!

Kristin Garcia
Asst Mgr


Thank you sooo much Peter. You guys did such a good job. Always a pleasure doing business with you all. See you soon again for the next project.

Yvonne Shea
Community Manager

Wood Residential Services Baltimore

"Please continue to send Jessica on Saturdays and Sundays. She’s superb and it’s too bad they all aren’t that way! We will also take the 2nd spinner that was with her this past weekend!

ECI Management Atlanta

We loved the sign spinner at The Cliftwood on Saturday. (John Forsyth)

First Communities Management Atlanta

I hope you had a nice weekend! I wanted to reach out and compliment the spinner that we had over the weekend – from what I’ve been told, her energy and attitude were fantastic. Is there any way that she can come out this weekend? I think we are on the schedule for Saturday and Sunday again.

Overlook at Stone Oak Park San Antonio

Jesus Walle was AMAZING! We received so many compliments on him! I would love to have him back.

Cynthia Wilson
Property Manager

Pegasus Residential Accent North Druid Hills

Hi Rami, We had a great response with four phone calls from today’s Sign Spinner. Can we have her (Destiny Mancillas) back? This is the most amount of calls we have received and we are thrilled.

Jackie Ware
Community Manager

Avocet Apartments

3/31/17 Will Carey's sign spinning is AMAZING! We received a call from a prospect who was so impressed by Will she decided to inquire about our apartments even though her lease wasn't up until September 2017. Our own maintenance supervisor deleted pictures of his children to record Will's spinning moves. -

Anissa Castenada-Kirby
Community Manager

The Legends at White Oak Nashville

I've attached a video of Jamal doing an awesome job sign spinning for us this past weekend:-) Thanks for sending him. He was great!

Prefferred Living Columbus

"Corey was awesome! He brought in so many tours and applications (7 tours and 2 leases signed today!). We need him always!"

Alexander Park

Alta Fillmore Phoenix

"I’ve been very impressed with the service provided by AArrow. I can schedule them easily and all their team members show up on time. If I ever have an issue or need something, Nick is very quick to respond and help out. I can’t thank them enough for all their help and support."

Christian Weber
Business Manager

Boca City Walk Apartments Boca Raton, FL

"Joe, A big pat on the bag to your sign spinner for us at Boca- we had a huge turnout from them on Saturday! Would we be able to get them out again this Thursday and Saturday- same times? We need to keep driving some traffic. (Preferrably the same spinner if possible!) Thank you so much…"
Lori Valenti
Marketing Director
Fort Lauderdale

Greystar - Groveton Green Apartments Baltimore

Good Morning, You guys rocked last week. We received a couple of calls commenting on how great you were. As always, thank you.

TeEasha Holston
Assistant Community Manager

Broadstone SIXTEEN 75 Phoenix, AZ

AArrow Advertising sign spinners have been a go to marketing source for my lease up! I will definitely continue to use them and highly recommend to other communities that need to get more traffic!

Jasmene Aykut
Business Manager

Irvine Company Oaks at North Park

"Dear Mark, I wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work that your team puts into the marketing of North Park and all of the local Irvine communities. However I wanted to share our compliments of Makalah. Since Makalah has been our Sign Spinner we have had numerous walk-in tours stating they came in only because of the sign spinner. I know everytime I drive by Makahah is out there jamming! Its awesome to see someone living their job! Keep up the great work and a big thank you for adding Makalah to your team!"

Casey McManus
General Manager

Irvine Co Arcadia at Stonecrest

"Christian has been phenomenal! We've received lots of positive feedback from clients. Thank you


Crescent Village Apartment Homes

Hi Danny, We just wanted to let you know that we are thankful for everyone at Arrow who helps us here at Crescent Village! I want to give a shout out to Makalah for doing a really good job today. It helped us a lot with our foot traffic especially that we currently offer leasing specials. She also always comes in with a smile & a positive vibe which we really appreciate! Thank you all for your help!

Kamil Delgado

AMC Management Denver

Hi McKenah, I need to order a new sign as the other one is worn out. Do I just let you know? By the way, Ryan is an awesome sign spinner – we have gotten 3 leases because of himJ Thanks

Laurie Hill
Property Manager

UPTOWN 11 Indigo Real Estate Services!

“The rental market in downtown Seattle is incredibly competitive and it’s important these days to do all you can to bring in new traffic. We worked with AArrow Sign Spinners for about 5 weeks and saw our traffic really spike! AArrow was easy to use, quick and responsive – Branden (our resident Spinja) was awesome! Really friendly, personable and super talented!”

Jordan Keating
Senior Business Manager

The Current Alliance Residential Company

We have an African American guy with dreads that was spinning yesterday and we had a nearby business call us to say that he does an amazing job. She saw him on her drive to work and he literally put a smile on her face! Just wanted to pass that along, I don’t know his name, but the rest of the team agreed that he’s their favorite.

Marie Hershberger
Business Manager

Alliance Residential Company Broadstone Balboa Park

We have truly been satisfied with the level of professionalism and service you and your company have shown us over the past year. James has been our most recent spinner, and just so you know, he is fabulous and such a joy to work with. We would be more than happy to use Aarrow in the future with our up and coming properties.

Alicia Pollak
Assistant Business Manager

Axis at Nine Mile Apartments

Hello my name is Chris, a leasing agent at Axis Apartments Nine Mile Station. I just wanted to reach out to you about Travis an employee of yours. His hard work, and dedication really impresses me and I am truly happy with the work he is doing on out property.


Greystar The Dylan

"The service is always great, Davis always gives 150% at all times!! Greatest sign spinner ever!! Really enjoyed him!!!! Thank you!

Juanita Dillard
Assistant Manager

Shadow Ridge at Southlands Denver

"Ethan is great! Extremely Friendly, Punctual and Very Lively."

Alliance Broadstone Corsair San Diego

Aarrow Sign Spinning has been a great asset to our community through the lease up process. They contributed to both traffic and leasing numbers as we continued to fill our community. Thank you for your service!

Sean Spangrud
Assistant Business Manager

Alliance Residential Company PHOENIX

" I have been using AArrow advertising for 3 year and I always get great results. They have some of the best talent in sign spinning and can always drive traffic to your business. "

Leah Smith Patin|
Sr. Business Manager Broadstone Stetson

LIV Apartments

Dear AArrow Sign Spinners, We are writing to you because we are continually impressed with the quality of work performed by the sign spinners who work actively and unceasingly to create interest in our property. We attribute a great deal of success to these hard-working individuals who have proven to be our 3rd highest source of traffic. In the last four months, we have had 339 walk-ins and 219 of those walk-ins were drive-by prospects. The majority of drive-by prospects we receive discovered us by seeing your sign spinners out on the corners and were compelled to learn more about us because of what they saw. We cannot adequately express how grateful we are to have such energetic and talented individuals working to promote our business. Please accept this letter as a symbol of our recognition and appreciation for them and know that we are blessed by the service they provide. Best Regards

Leasing Team

C3 Presents

"Hi Kyle, We were really pleased with how the campaign turned out. We had some great press pick up, which was exactly what we were hoping for. Rachel and I drove around to check out most of the locations and the guys were awesome! Thanks again for all your help on this. Total success! "

Marketing Manager

Nine East 33rd Baltimore

The service so far has been awesome! Matthew is killing it like always and people really enjoy his talent. Yesterday we had a different spinner (Michael?) and he was great as well. We even had some students asking how they could get a job like that and we passed along your company’s information Thanks for everything. You guys have been great. I hope you have a nice weekend!

"Such great attitude & energy! Thank you so much Laramie! We will personally request you back to Veranda Highpointe. Good luck in Vegas!"

Veranda Highpointe

Broadstone Balboa Park

Hi Joe, We wanted to reach out and wanted to thank our sign spinner that comes on the weekends. I feel really bad I am drawing a blank on his name at the moment with how many conversations we have had together. We just wanted to let you know he is doing a fantastic job. People come in constantly stating they saw him and he was very professional and nice and made them want to come in and tour our community. Thank you for having such great people working for you. We have had a pretty big increase in people coming in from our sign spinners especially on the weekends lately. Thank you again for your great employees. Keep up the great work!
Lucas Roof
Assistant Business Manager

MG Properties

Your employee , Steven was AWESOME!!! We ( My Regional, Staff, and I ) were thoroughly impressed with his skills and professional demeanor towards the task at hand! I know he will not be available tomorrow, but I will definitely request him in the future. Thanks,

Ramon L. Cordova
General Manager

Skyline view apartments Denver

We received many great phone calls complimenting on Grahm's performance.

Park Side memorial

The Aarow Sign spinners are such a tribute to our leasing traffic. We saw an immediate increase in inquiries from the first day they started. They are punctual, professional, and passionate about what they do. So happy to have their service!
Rebecca Chumchal
Leasing Consultant

The Residences at Brookside Commons

The spinner has left and I must say he was really good. We had people calling and a person come in that saw him. We may get at least one or two applications because of him…YAY. Thank you!
Glynis Neale Whitaker
Property Manager

Irvine Co Marbella Apartment Homes

You are AWESOME!! I have strangers calling in about you to compliment :)

Lincoln Property Management Watermark At Harmony

Hello Michael, I sent an email that contains a voicemail to you that has an AWESOME compliment about Rico in it. I just wanted share this wonderful feed back about it with you. If you would please share this with him, it would be greatly appreciated. We would also like to request for Rico to come back on Friday if possible. Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you,

Sarah Clary
Leasing Consultant,

Broadstone Corsair San Diego

These guys have been great & bringing in lots of business. We constantly get compliments on how talented they are. We appreciate their hard work.

Lincoln Property Company

Michael, I literally do not have words for how priceless you are. Not only are you hilarious, but your customer service is insane! If you are ever in Houston, I would love for you to come do a commercial and speak on customer service. And let's reschedule for next Saturday at Barker Cypress. Thank you!

Marsha Baker
CPM, CAPS Regional Property Manager

West End Apartments Denver

Kenneth was fantastic! He was so good. I almost crashed my crashed my car from looking!

Irvine Company - Amalfi

"Mark did an outstanding job. We heard from multiple customers that he caught their attention from his smooth sign twirling(spinning*) techniques. We would love to see him back at Amalfi."

Leasing Agent

Carmel Partners

Hi Jeff, I was by the Madrid today and saw a sign spinner. He was doing an amazing job! Our sign spinner at Vida yesterday brought in 3 tours that's came because of him. He did a great job. Please thank them for us.

Shanique Drummond
Community Manager

The Millennium Del Rey Los Angeles

"2 prospects came in today stating Mark was a phenomenal spinner. We have also recieve(d) positive feedback for all the spinners that have been assigned to this property. Thanks"

Skysong Apartments Phoenix

"A ton of prospects came to tour because of Bryan Sanchez's sign spinning skills. They were impressed and "wow'ed" by his spinning and it prompted them to visit Skysong Apts."

Villages of Copperfield Houston

"​Hi Carlos- I just wanted to let you know that Joe the sign spinner that has been here has been doing an awesome job, he is always on time and we have gotten lots of lease when he is here."
Jennifer Carothers
Property Manager

Gables Residential Point Loma

"I would happily recommend AArrow Advertising for any communities' advertising needs. They offer prompt, courteous service with a smile and definitely helped us increase our traffic, phone calls, and occupancy rate above 96%. Their sign spinners are the best in the business and really give it all they've got come rain or shine!"

Christina C. Wagner
Leasing Director

Greystar The Dylan

"The service is always great, Davis always gives 150% at all times!! Greatest sign spinner ever!! Really enjoyed him!!!! Thank you!

Juanita Dillard
Assistant Manager

Irvine Company Crescent Village

“Traffic has picked up since switching to AArrow's amazing and interactive sign spinners! Nearly 35% more increase due to AArrow! Highly recommended…makes you stand out among the rest.”

Andee Groff
General Manager

Lincoln Property Management

“We had the best experience possible with Aarrow for the past 8 months. The spinners showed up with a smile on their face each and every time and were never late. When I had a chance to check out their spinning skills while driving back from lunch it was as if I was watching a professional competition. Each spinner had their own personalities and different techniques and were all the eye candy we needed to pull in some traffic. We even had some people tagging us on Facebook and Instagram letting us know that we had the best spinners they'd ever seen. When the time comes we look forward to working with Aarrow again, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best spinners in town.”

Nolan M
Leasing Director

Carroll Management

Missy, Just wanted to reach out and say that Percy is doing a fantastic job! We’d like to have him specifically out here every Thursday and Friday if possible. We’ve never had a bad experience with any of your spinners but I’ve driven by and Percy is always giving 110%. Please let me know if that’s something that’s possible.

Johnathan Korenek, Carroll at Rivery Ranch, Austin
Lease-Up Consultant

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein

Genevive San Antonio

AArrow Sign Spinners, Mark Dandridge was great, he definitely grabbed people attention, and we did get traffic in the collection at overlook. We also had people call because of him and mention how he grabbed their attention. He did suggest to move location and that was where we erre most affected. Thanks!
Leasing Agent




Industry Spotlight - Apartments Leasing!

Now Leasing! Open House! Move-In Specials! These are the usual messages that come to mind when you think of a sign spinner on the corner. For years, the World Famous AArrow Sign Spinners successfully have helped countless apartment communities boost their walk-in traffic and occupancy rates. AArrow Sign Spinners can help keep apartments at maximum […]


Spinteractions : June 2022 Newsletter

Our AArrow Sign Spinner of the Month is the local DMV legend, Tafari Moye. He is a long-time integral member of our team impressing everyone on the corner while also assisting with the hiring and training of the next generation of Sign Spinners. Tafari never lets anything stop him from putting in 100% effort and […]