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Sign Spinners Archives

Who’s Sign Spinning in that Progressive Commercial?

Progressive Sign Spinner Commercials are Everywhere Rico : Superstar Sign Spinner The progressive commercials are back and greater than ever! Yes – our absolute favorite insurance commercials. These guys at Progressive really get it. This time, we see a special guest sign spinning in the latest progressive commercial. Wait a minute, we all know who […]

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Virtual Round 1: WSSC 2022

Posted by on 1.21.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

The 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship will still be happening! It has been postponed until the Spring due to current health concerns! Until then, we don’t want to delay the sign spinning action any further. So this year we combined the aspect with last years Virtual Competition with the regional qualifier competitions to bring you […]

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Main Image for 3 Reasons to use sign spinners and social media

3 Reasons to Incorporate Sign Spinners & Social Media

Posted by on 1.13.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

Online and offline marketing are the biggest drivers to your business. Both those broad terms include a ton of different forms of advertising. But we want to tell you why you should combine professional AArrow Sign Spinners with your Social Media strategy. If done right, you can make a huge splash in your community and […]

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Best AArrow Sign Spinners 2021

Top Ten Best of AArrow Sign Spinners in 2021!

Posted by on 1.8.22 in 0All Offices, Blog

Wow, what a year that was. So much happened, and so many signs were spun. Well not as much spinning happened in 2021 that happened in 2019, before the global pandemic. But hey – We’re still here spinning signs and managed to survive the pandemic! Yay! So we’d like to review the best of AArrow […]

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Casagrandes sign spinner

Cartoon Sign Spinner on Nick’s The Casagrandes

Just when you think it can’t get any better, there’s a cartoon sign spinner on Nick (or Nickelodeon for us old timers). And what is even better is that he enters a sign spinning competition and they have a “Spin Off”! What can we say? They know what the people want, more of this please! […]

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Spectrum Sign Spinner

Spectrum Commercial Has A Sign Spinner?

Posted by on 10.29.21 in 0All Offices, Advertising and Media, Blog, Wireless

Yup, that was a sign spinner in that new commercial for spectrum mobile. Your eyes do not deceive you. And not only was it just any sign spinner in that Spectrum commercial, it was none other than the sign spinning legend himself, Matthew Doolan! Jeez, this guy is on fire this year. We know we […]

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There’s a Sign Spinner on You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno?

Yup, that’s right! There IS a sign spinner on You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno. And not just any sign spinner, it is World Sign Spinning Champion, Jacob Mitchell himself! This event was incredible, Jacob got to go to the World Premiere of Jay Leno’s newest show airing September 13 on Fox. Therefore, making […]

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The 2021 Virtual World Sign Spinning Championship

Posted by on 2.23.21 in 00 WSSC 2021, 0All Offices, Blog

Every year AArrow gathers the best sign spinners around the world to go head to head and battle at the World Sign Spinning Championship . Normally this is a 2 day event taking place on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Sign Spinners look forward all year to January for their chance to win the […]

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