3 Reasons to Incorporate Sign Spinners & Social Media


January 13, 2022

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Online and offline marketing are the biggest drivers to your business. Both those broad terms include a ton of different forms of advertising. But we want to tell you why you should combine professional AArrow Sign Spinners with your Social Media strategy. If done right, you can make a huge splash in your community and on your social media of choice.


Screenshot of Sign Spinners on Social Media

Screenshot of Sign Spinners on Social Media

1) Post Videos of Sign Spinners to Your Social Media Page

Sign Spinning targets the people that live and shop in your area. A sign spinner will create natural buzz and energy from a day on the street corner. Post a quick video of the sign spinner online and share directly from your business page on Facebook. You can boost the post to be visible to an audience within a geographic location. So anyone within a 5-10 mile radius can see the sign spinner in their feed. This holistically reinforces the unique element of the sign spinning.

2) Use QR Codes to drive traffic straight to your page!

The technology has finally caught up for QR codes to be usable on an AArrow sign. We can create online traffic with real world advertising by linking your social account to the signs. That way, anyone who sees the sign spinner can take a picture and go straight to your social page to interact with your business. Grow your social following in your community with a QR code directly on the sign, or have the sign spinner bring an additional QR code ground sign with them to the street corner! Track the results daily with your custom campaign reporting,

3) Go Viral!

Sign Spinners go viral on social media – all the time! Every month or so, some sign spinner gets 30 seconds to show off his moves. This has resulted in millions of more impressions, shares, interactions, and in some extreme cases – national TV coverage! That’s right, it’s not everyday that your ad goes viral. But our ads go viral pretty much every month!