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Tik Tok Sign Spinner gets over 1 Million Views!

Update 6/15/2021 : Matt Doolan has another viral Tik-Tok Sign Spinner video below! Dude, stop! We get it - You're good at sign spinning!

Yup, he did it again. Just when you think you can stop Matt, he proves that he is unstoppable. So you've probably seen the Viral sign spinners right? Well Matt's sign spinner videos on Tik Tok has gotten over 1 million views in just a short weekend. Like we said, Unstoppable. I tried to stop him once, and my elbow still hurts. I wouldn't advise trying to stop this guy.

Matt's story is original and one of a kind. He's easily one of the best sign spinners to ever spin a sign. He's kind of a household name around here. We'd go into his life story, but we already wrote about it that one time he won the world sign spinning competition or that one time he was on To Tell The Truth. Or that one time he went to Germany to judge their Sign Spinning Competition, or was Santa Clause in a TV Commercial? Jeez, Matt ALWAYS gets to do the coolest things, and now he's the viral Tik Tok Sign Spinner? C'mon Man!

@signspinnerdoolana video with all normal speed Bangerz #FreeFreeDance #doolanthechamp #justspinit #spinit #signspinningtiktok♬ original sound - Jack Collings

So if you can't tell, Matt Doolan is kind of a big deal. Not only is he insanely talented, but he's also one of the smartest guys I know. He is in charge of running AArrow Dallas & Ft Worth and also helps oversee the training at AArrow nationwide! So next time you see a sign spinner, just remember, Matt probably taught him that!

@signspinnerdoolanMissed y’all #signspinnerdoolan #justspinit #spinit #FriendsReunion #fypシ

♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

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