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To Tell The Truth Sign Spinner

Matt Doolan has done it again! This time he's a sign spinner on ABC's show, "To Tell The Truth." Matt goes undercover as the World Sign Spinning Champion and the celebrity panel of Bob Saget, Brad Garrett, Sherri Shepherd, and Nikki Glaser have to guess who is telling the truth and who isn't. Matt always gets to do the coolest things, I swear.

Matt Doolan on To Tell the Truth
Matt Doolan on To Tell the Truth

To Tell The Truth is ABC show where celebrity panelists quiz three contestants to identify two imposters. The show is hosted by actor Anthony Anderson who pits the celebrity panel against his Mom, who always knows best. Mama knows who is lying and who is telling the truth, she just does, that's what moms do.

Matt the Sign Spinner on To Tell The Truth
Matt the Sign Spinner on To Tell The Truth

Matt Doolan is the sign spinner on To Tell The Truth!

In this episode specifically, Matt is matched with two other imposters (who are way less handsome than Matt). The panel has to guess who the World Sign Spinning Champion is by asking a series of questions and clues. The imposters have some quality answers, so if you didn't know Matt, you'd be convinced as well. In the end, everyone everyone guesses wrong, but Mama, she does know best.

Matt Doolan Stay Flexin

Doolan, then grabs his trusty AArrow, or weapon of mass distraction, and absolutely shreds it on stage. Doolan has fulfilled a lifetime achievement of showing off for Bob Saget. It's always impressive watching Matt spin a sign, it can only be compared to the singing of an angel or a phoenix taking flight. This is why Doolan gets to do the coolest things in AArrow.

World Sign Spinning Champion on To Tell The Truth
World Sign Spinning Champion on To Tell The Truth

This isn't Matt's first time on television or doing big things. Last year, Matt Doolan was featured on ESPN as he battled his way to the top at the World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas. It was a victory that was long awaited and overdue. The same Summer that he won, he got the opportunity to judge the Germany Sign Spinning Championship. Afterwards he got to spin on stage of a huge music festival. Matt has also been the star of several commercials and music videos, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the world of sign spinning. Matt, you keep doing you!

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