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Sign Spinners Archives

Puppies Sign Spinner

Sign Spinning for Puppies!

Sign Spinning for Puppies? Well not literally for puppies, but for adoptions and pet stores! There is no better way to get the word out than hiring a sign spinner for your business. We always say that spreading smiles and good vibes comes first, then the advertising comes second. But when you’re sign spinning for […]

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Izzy Lyon The Unspun Truth Poster

Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth

AArrow Sign Spinning Legend, Larry Fuller stars as sign spinner legend Izzy Lyon, in independent film – Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth. This mockumentary covers the life and career of Izzy Lyon, one of the greatest sign spinners of all time, and the mystery of his sudden disappearance. Izzy’s most dedicated fans recount his sign […]

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World Sign Spinning Champion on To Tell The Truth

To Tell The Truth Sign Spinner

Posted by on 10.13.20 in Blog, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sports and Entertainment

Matt Doolan has done it again! This time he’s a sign spinner on ABC’s show, “To Tell The Truth.” Matt goes undercover as the World Sign Spinning Champion and the celebrity panel of Bob Saget, Brad Garrett, Sherri Shepherd, and Nikki Glaser have to guess who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Matt always […]

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Mike P Outside the White House with Black Lives Matter Sign

Black Lives Matter Sign Spinners

Posted by on 6.9.20 in Atlanta, Blog, Los Angeles, Tampa, Washington D.C

This isn’t rocket science, you either support the movement or you ignore the issue, and AArrow Sign Spinners officially supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We are proud to be equal opportunity employer and a diverse company with sign spinners, franchisees and corporate team members coming from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We […]

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Ikon Pass Sign Spinner Commercial

New Ikon Pass Commercial featuring a sign spinner!

Posted by on 3.12.20 in Blog, Los Angeles

With winter ending and spring beginning, you would think that might be the end for snow season. But for many mountains, the season actually starts in Spring before the Winter! There is a huge push to get a season pass for the next year that gives you access for the rest of Spring. It’s an […]

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Rico Sign Spinner on EllenTube

Rico The Sign Spinner on EllenTube!

Posted by on 2.29.20 in Blog, Los Angeles

Rico El-Lis is back at it again! Ever since Rico first was featured on Ellen as a sign spinner, he’s been more and more active with the show. Ellen loved Rico’s attitude and sign spinner skills that she offered him a job with the show. Rico is now a permanent part of Ellen’s crew and […]

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Humans - Noose ft Kadeem Johnson Poster

Humans – Noose music video ft Three-Time World Sign Spinning Champion, Kadeem Johnson!

Posted by on 2.12.20 in Blog, Los Angeles, Washington D.C

Kadeem is definitely a human, we’ve checked. He’s also one of our favorite humans because he is one of the best sign spinners in the world. Kadeem Johnson has won 3 world sign spinning champions and regularly places in the final rounds at the World Sign Spinning Championship. He’s known for inventing some intense moves […]

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Audi Super Bowl commercial ft. Sign Spinners!

Posted by on 2.4.20 in Blog, Los Angeles, Miami

Super bowl is the not only the biggest sporting in the country, but also the biggest advertising phenomena ever. The biggest brands spend millions to advertise to the fan base watching the event. The advertising is almost a bigger showcase than the sporting event itself. This year, AArrow Sign Spinners were featured in an Audi […]

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Jeff Ross opened a pop-up coffee shop and used sign spinning to get the word out!

Posted by on 12.12.19 in Blog, Los Angeles

Jeff Ross opened a pop-up coffee shop and used sign spinning to get the word out! Los Angeles, CA – Comedian and Certified Roast Master, Jeff Ross, opened up a pop-up coffee shop and comedy club in Studio City over the weekend. And the name of the place, Roastmasters, very appropriate since it’s slogan was […]

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Ellen Surprises one lucky sign spinner

Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways – One Lucky Sign Spinner Gets $100,000 and a New Car!

Posted by on 12.12.19 in Blog, Los Angeles

Rico El-Lis is known for being a viral, sign spinning sensation on street corners across The City of Angels. If you haven’t seen him before, he is bursting with positive, youthful energy and has a one-of-a-kind personality. Certainly one of the best sign spinners in the world, it was only a matter of time before […]

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