Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth


December 4, 2020

Izzy Lyon The Unspun Truth Poster

AArrow Sign Spinning Legend, Larry Fuller stars as sign spinner legend Izzy Lyon, in independent film – Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth. This mockumentary covers the life and career of Izzy Lyon, one of the greatest sign spinners of all time, and the mystery of his sudden disappearance.

Izzy’s most dedicated fans recount his sign spinning successes and personally work to uncover why he suddenly disappeared some twenty years ago. This movie covers Izzy’s rise to fame in the 80’s to his fall in the 90’s, but will they get to the real question – what happened to Izzy Lyon? Follow along through this story about fame, fortune, and mystery. Love? The love of sign spinning.

Official Trailer for Izzy Lyon – The Unspun Truth

Sign Spinning opens the doors to unique, once in a lifetime experiences for the sign spinners everywhere. Larry has done some of the coolest things in AArrow. He’s judged international sign spinning competitions in Korea and Germany, as well as the World Sign Spinning Competition in Las Vegas. He taught Pixar animators how to spin signs. He’s been featured in Music Videos, and now he has his own movie!

Larry with a Flat Top as Izzy Lyon the Sign Spinner
Larry with a Flat Top

This movie has a little something for everyone: comedy, romance, sign spinning action, and Larry Fuller in Flat Top. IL:TUT has been on of the most top secret projects for a few years. Now it is finally time for it to be unveiled to the public. Not everyday that a movie is about a sign spinning legend, staring a sign spinning legend 🙂

Filmocracy Fest will be screening IL:TUT in a virtual screening Friday 12/4. You can follow the journey to greatness from start to finish. Izzy’s rise to greatness and the stonewalling to keep him from the Spinternational Hall of Fame. From there who knows the next time this rare gem will surface again.

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