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Black Lives Matter Sign Spinners

This isn't rocket science, you either support the movement or you ignore the issue, and AArrow Sign Spinners officially supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We are proud to be equal opportunity employer and a diverse company with sign spinners, franchisees and corporate team members coming from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We support the freedom of speech, the right to protest, and stand with our sign spinners' choices to get out there, spread the message, and to let their voice be heard as they speak out all across America against systemic racism and police brutality. When the world looks back at this moment twenty, thirty, or even fifty years from now; we will confidently be on the right side of history. AArrow Sign Spinners stands with all of our diverse employees and the black community when we say, Black Lives Matter.

All across the country, Sign Spinners have taken to the streets to mobilize and promote the message they believe in, that Black Lives Matter. The front of the sign, Black Lives Matter, and the back, the names of police brutality victims (credit to Horacio Moreno). As an advertising company that specializes in promoting the message to thousands, there is no better medium than our own people using their talents to inspire thousands. Whether our spinners are marching in the streets, sign spinning at rallies, or even in front of key landmarks like the White House or Trump properties; Sign Spinners are impossible to ignore and leave thousands of impressions. Although reception has not always been positive, there is an overwhelming majority giving positive feedback in support.

Justin Brown Spinning Black Lives Matter sign in the streets of Hollywood
Justin Brown Spinning Black Lives Matter sign in the streets of Hollywood

In the nation's capitol of Washington D.C., Co-Founder of AArrow Sign Spinners, Michael Patterson, mobilizes a squad of sign spinners from the DMV area who proudly stand by the movement to take over the newly re-named Black Lives Matter Plaza. Sign Spinners can be seen raising their fists in support with the White House in the background and were then featured on NBC News. Thousands of protesters came together peacefully to organize, chant, and support.

Tyler Cartwright with homemade Black Lives Matter Sign in Georgia
Tyler Cartwright at protest with homemade Black Lives Matter Sign in Augusta, Georgia

Other regions of the country have had just as much energy and momentum. In Los Angeles, California; Sign Spinning Legend, Justin Brown, marches on the streets of Hollywood for Equality whilst Christian shows support in North Hollywood. In Augusta, Georgia; Viral Sign Spinning Sensation and America's sweetheart, Tyler Cartwright, spins at rallies and marches. In Tampa Bay, Florida; Rayshod Pressley, takes part in protests downtown. This is just he beginning, surely more to come as we move towards change. In Phoenix, Arizona; Shamon Ingram demonstrates at the BLM Protests and stares down riot vehicles. And of course, our CEO Max Durovic teamed up with Ft. Lauderdale All-Star Manny Reyes to conduct their two person protest in front of Trump International and Trump Palace in Miami Beach.

Shamon Ingram demonstrating in Phoenix Arizona

Click here to watch the official video of sign spinners at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC!

Update July 2020: Rename the Bridge

Sign Spinners Tyler Cartwright and Theo Davis travel to Selma, Alabama to protest the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which is named after a former confederate soldier and KKK leader. The controversial bridge is being petitioned to be named after civil rights icon John Lewis. They were met with mostly positive feedback from the community. Click here for more information about the effort to rename the bridge.

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