Matt Doolan as Santa sign spinning in new commercial!

Matt Doolan as Santa sign spinning in new commercial!

Hats off to AArrow Sign Spinning protagonist Matthew Doolan, he has had an incredible year! Unbelievable feats from winning the 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship, to going to Germany to judge the Germany Sign Spinning Championship, and finally being highlighted on ESPN; you would think Matt would be content with his achievements for the year. Seems like Doolan isn't done just yet as he has landed himself in yet another commercial. Killing it as usual, Doolan was handpicked along with Mia Arellano to fly out to Salt Lake City to star as Santa sign spinning in a commercial for Alder security. You should check out the action for yourself below!

Santa sign spinning
You better watch out, Sign Spinning Santa is making a list!

Basically, Matt and Mia are dressed up as Santa Claus and a Christmas Elf to promote the Black Friday Sale on home security packages. Over and over, they unleash their signature sign spinning skills on camera to heavy metal Christmas music. It really is incredible what these two can do with signs, they really are at the top of their game!

Doolan can do just about anything he puts his mind to. From being a super star sign spinner to being a super star father, Matt really knows what he's doing. Just glad he's using his sign spinning powers for good (So far).

Also, with the upcoming 2020 World Sign Spinning Championships, Matt has been kicking his training into overdrive. Don't sleep on this sign spinning legend, as he isn't done yet and might surprise you in Las Vegas at the competition. He will surprise us all. See you all in January, until then, keep it spinning!

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Click here for the full video on FB!

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