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Las Vegas Viral Sign Spinner

Yes, yes; we've all seen the video of the Sign Spinner in Las Vegas going viral on Tik Tok. And yes, we know; it is awesome! And yes, we know him. He's none other than Westly Fong!

In the video, Westley is killing it for a new apartment complex smashing headspins and a passerby recorded him on Tik Tok. The tricks are insane, but the commentary is really what makes it! You can see the guy go nuts when Westley lands the Donkey Kick, being dubbed the best sign spinner ever. Always a good feeling to be going viral as the best sign spinner in Las Vegas!

So overnight, Westley Fong has turned into an internet sensation, with his awesome video being shared on literally every platform. You can't even use social media without seeing him. Westley is incredible. Next time you see him, give show him some love out there in Las Vegas. His energy is contagious!

This morning he was featured on Good Morning America and re-shared on Yahoo. Good Job Westley, someone get this man a pizza!

Viral Las Vegas Sign Spinner on Good Morning America Viral Las Vegas Sign Spinner on Good Morning America

Next, Westley and Team Las Vegas will be on Good Morning America. So within a few short days, from street corners, to the internet, to Television. So that's how fast it takes to become a star. To all the sign spinners out there, you never know when you'll be in the right place at the right time!

Update 3/26/2021 : Westley Fong Interview on Good Morning America!

They did it! They tracked down our man Westley and interviewed him this morning. Any Sign Spinner knows how nerve wracking this can be, but Westley Killed it! It's a good watch! Wesley highlights AArrow and his sign spinning experience. After that, Westley spins a Good Morning America sign surrounded by a crown of signs in the Las Vegas Warehouse!


Click here to check out Westley Fong's Sign Spinner Story!


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