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Sign Spinners Archives

Professional Sign-Spinner gears up for competition in Las Vegas!

Posted by on 4.1.22 in Blog, San Diego

“Davis Davis has been spinning for seven years and has finished in the top ten three years in a row.”   Davis Davis prepares for the 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship in Las Vegas! 2022 is his year! Representing team San Diego, Davis Davis is putting all of his competitors on notice. With 3 top […]

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West Coast Sign Spinning Championship

OMG The West Coast Sign Spinning Championship!

You heard it hear first, the West Coast Sign Spinning Championship is back with more fire than ever! But this time, it was online to move things along. The best sign spinners on the West Coast from Mexico to Canada competed digitally for the #1 title. We saw some favorites like Teddy Hale and Davis […]

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The road to the 2020 World Sign Spinning Championship!

The 2020 World Sign Spinning Championship is among us and this Friday and Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada; a champion will be crowned. This year is looking bigger and better than ever before (I know we say that every year.) Over 75 different competitors from 30 different cities and 7 different countries will have their […]

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AArrow Sign Spinners Spin For Mazda, Test Drive Today

AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight – Auto Dealers!

Posted by on 9.11.19 in Blog, San Diego

Every city has not just one, but countless auto dealerships from every maker out there. Millions of cars, every day are sitting on the lot waiting to be sold. Each dealership having different specials, financing deals, various holiday sales, etc; all of which looking for a way to differentiate themselves to consumers. That’s where AArrow […]

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SIgn Spinner for Get SPF'd Up!

Green Man sign spinner returns at Comic Con for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Posted by on 8.27.19 in Blog, Philadelphia, San Diego

FX hired AArrow Sign Spinners to get the word out about safe sunscreen practices at the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” pop-up sunscreen bar during Comic Con week. Green Man sign spinner was spotted spinning signs and reminding people to get SPF’d up during the summer sun! There was free sunscreen for all who came, […]

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Sign Spinners Brad Cotton

Brad Cotton – June’s Sign Spinner of the Month!

Posted by on 8.6.19 in Blog, San Diego

Sunny San Diego; known for beaches, beer, and the birth of sign spinning. San Diego is notoriously known for cultivating not only amazing AArrow Sign Spinners, but also amazing AArrow Managers. That’s why we want to recognize our newest GM of San Diego, Brad Cotton for not only being an amazing sign spinner; but for […]

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Danny Partida – March’s Sign Spinner of the Month!

Posted by on 3.25.19 in Blog, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco

Have you ever had a signature Danny Partida hug? Understand this, Danny Lee Rene Soto Partida Jr isn’t just AArrow’s designated hug dealer; he’s one of AArrow’s best sign spinners out there. Sign spinning has been one of many passions for Danny since starting in 2012, he is a regular competitor at the World Sign […]

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Barstool Sports Features AArrow Sign Spinners!

Posted by on 2.19.19 in AArrow News, Las Vegas, New York City, San Diego

Bartstool sports is a sports and pop culture blog famous for their podcasts, news, and staff-featured commentary. If you know Bartstool Sports style of coverage, then you know AArrow Sign Spinners are a perfect fit for a collaboration! At AArrow’s 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship, Barstool sent out their very own Austin Taylor to grab […]

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Sign Spinner for Honda

Davis Davis featured in a commercial for San Diego Honda Dealers!

Posted by on 8.12.18 in AArrow News, Blog, San Diego

Davis Davis has got the moves. That’s why his sign isn’t just standard, it’s Spin-Tacular! Check out his skills and make sure to stop by your San Diego Honda dealer for great deals on great cars!  

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Inside the World Of Sign Spinning

Once just a low-wage job for teenagers outside of sandwich spots, sign-spinning is now a fleshed-out and fiercely competitive sport.   Twenty-year old Kendric Washington isn’t able to fully describe the maneuver that earned him AArrow’s 2018 sign-spinning world championship, but he’s willing to try. It starts with a back handspring, with the cardboard in […]

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