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Green Man sign spinner returns at Comic Con for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Green Man sign spinner returns at Comic Con for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

FX hired AArrow Sign Spinners to get the word out about safe sunscreen practices at the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," pop-up sunscreen bar during Comic Con week. Green Man sign spinner was spotted spinning signs and reminding people to get SPF'd up during the summer sun! There was free sunscreen for all who came, extruding from the sunscreen pumps with the all of the faces of the gang. In between reminding Comic-Con attendees about proper skin care and sun safety, the team onsite was also handing out various promo material to remind people to watch out for the new season. The gang gives out free sunscreen in this episode!

Green Man Sign Spinner
Who is this Green Man sign spinner anyway?!

Green Man is a recurring character on the show, whenever Charlie dawns the morph suit. This isn't Green Man's first time spinning a sign either. A few seasons ago, there was a commercial featuring Green Man spinning a sign, doing some familiar tricks that you might have seen before. I wonder who taught Green Man all those sick sign spinning moves? I guess we'll never know ;)

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