James Corden spins signs on The Late Late Show!


August 16, 2019

Sign Spinners from the Late Late Show

James Corden (from The Late Late Show with James Corden) shows spins signs and shows off his skills in his latest hilarious skit for Instagram. James and Josh Gad give a quick recap of the major Hollywood blockbusters they got fired from (probably for being too attractive) before finally landing a sign spinning role. From Fast and Furious to Toy Story, there wasn’t a movie that they didn’t get featured in. Who knows where sign spinning will take them on their next adventure?

If we need some extra help in LA this weekend, we know who we’re calling. We’re always looking for new fresh talent, and they got what it takes. Let’s get them a red polo stat! I wonder who showed them those sick moves? Maybe we can trade places for a day, we host the Late Late show and they help us fill some shifts!

James Corden Sign Spins
James Corden and Josh Gad sign spins for Toy Story!

Watch the shenanigans play out for yourself here on IG and tune into The Late Late Show on CBS for more from James!

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