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Brad Cotton – June’s Sign Spinner of the Month!

Sunny San Diego; known for beaches, beer, and the birth of sign spinning. San Diego is notoriously known for cultivating not only amazing AArrow Sign Spinners, but also amazing AArrow Managers. That's why we want to recognize our newest GM of San Diego, Brad Cotton for not only being an amazing sign spinner; but for stepping up to the management plate and knocking it out of the park! Brad Cotton, you are June's sign spinner of the month!

Brad Sign Spinner
Brad Modeling for the camera for his sign spinner of the month shot!

Brad has been spinning for a little over 5 years now and has worked his way up from Sign Spinner to Assistant Manager and has recently taken over as the General Manager of San Diego. Originally from Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii, Brad is an avid surfer making sure to start and end his day on the waves. He was drawn to sign spinning because its extreme sports culture and that it allows the freedom of expression, many sign spinners share the same tricks but no one shares the same style. In Brad's words, "it's basically a gym membership that pays you!"

SIgn Spinner Brad
The one and only Brad Cotton, Sign Spinner of the Month!

He is typically jamming out to Jazz, hip-hop, or reggae and his favorite sign spinning tricks are skill-saws, head-spins, and anything inverted; he has an impressive one night stand too (the sign spinning trick). His sign spinning goals are to be able to land scissor catches and his professional goals are to run over 600 hours in the SD market and to transfer to UCSD or SDSU to finish his Bachelors degree. He never thought he'd be able to afford college, but he's been able to support himself through completing his Associates in Computer Science because of the flexibility that AArrow allows him. (Go Brad!) His favorite pizza is Supreme, a supreme choice for a supreme spinner! When asked if he had any words of wisdom for all the other spinners out there he says has 3 words he uses for heavy decision making, "Eddie would go." Brad, thank you for all you do and for stepping up to the plate and owning the challenge. We'll be sure to keep a slice of supreme on that plate for next time; meanwhile, keep doing a Supreme job!

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