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OMG The West Coast Sign Spinning Championship!

You heard it hear first, the West Coast Sign Spinning Championship is back with more fire than ever! But this time, it was online to move things along. The best sign spinners on the West Coast from Mexico to Canada competed digitally for the #1 title. We saw some favorites like Teddy Hale and Davis Davis enter the arena - Amazing, like always. But we also got to see some new faces on the scene competing with these legendary sign spinners.

All the best sign spinners from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Nor Cal, Portland, and Seattle brought that heat to the arena. This was definitely one of the harder competitions to judge. But ultimately, it would come down to the refined beasts in California. I'm not sure what's more impressive, that the best spinners were from Southern California or that someone finally beat two time sign spinning champion, Kadeem Johnson. Ultimately, Davis Davis brought the title home and locked in his shot for the World Sign Spinning Championship. Looking forward to more greatness at next year's West Coast Sign Spinning Championship!

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