Big East Sign Spinning Championship


October 11, 2021

Big East Sign Spinning Championship Logo

The Big East Sign Spinning Championship took a huge step forward in the name of the sport. The best sign spinners battled for the #1 title across the entire East Coast, or should we say beast coast. So much talent from South Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, and the DMV. It’s like sign spinning is their job or something. 

Familiar faces like Ray Rivera and Trinity Robinson turned out, but also new competitors like Gadiel Santiago and Josiah Miller stepped up their game. New faces made the top 10 as the sport continues to grow and evolve. There’s always something new coming out the east coast and this year was no different. Don’t sleep on the East Coast Sign Spinners, they’re always hiding something up their sleeves. 
The Big East Sign Spinning Championship was a success! As we come out of the slump from Covid, sign spinning is stronger than every, with newer spinners stepping up everyday! Out of all the talent, there could only be one East Coast Sign Spinning Champion. And, we can’t argue with the numbers, Kendric knows the competition like the back of his hand. So this year, Kendric took home the #1 title for the East Coast as well as the bragging rights. His style is so clean, crisp, and sharp; like a crease. 

Big shout out to all those that competed and spin signs on street corners every week. Ever day the sport gets a little bit stronger, and little bit bigger. We had a major setback in 2020, but 2022 is going to be our year!

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