The Texas Sign Spinning Champion!


September 7, 2021


The 2021 Texas Sign Spinning Champion

The 2021 Texas Sign Spinning Champion

That’s right, you read that right;  Jacob Mitchell is the Texas Sign Spinning Champion in 2021.

Jacob went in, defended his title, and took home yet another champion title for the year. The best spinner in the heartland of the U.S.  is also the best sign spinner in the World.

This year’s TSSC was different than all the others. Normally it’s a live, in person, sign spinning extravaganza. But with Covid still in the air, this year’s TSSC was best to serve virtually again. To make things exciting, AArrow opened up the competition to all other central US states and we saw competitors submit videos from Nashville in Denver. All the extra competition was still no match for that Texas heat that Jacob was bringing. Doolan put up a good fight, but Jacob has officially raised the bar!


1st – Jacob Mitchell – Houston

2nd – Matthew Doolan – Fort Worth

3rd * – Eric Minor – Houston

3rd * – Evan Vaughn – Nashville

5th – MJ Mirho – Nashville

6th – Travis Hoyt – Houston

7th – Carlye White – Houston

8th – Jimmel Martin – Houston

9th – Monte Alverado – Austin

10th – Peter Schmidt – Denver

11th – Adam Graves – Houston

12th – Jakob Vega – San Antonio

13th – Joe Zamecki – Houston

14th – Esteban Estrada – San Antonio

15th – Jesus Contreras – Fort Worth


This Jacob guy is on a roll this year, first he took home first at WSSC, then He was on Kelly & Ryan, and now he’s the Texas sign spinning Champion. Can he really do more. Well yes, but what’s next is top secret!

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