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Best Sign Spinner of 2021 – Jacob Mitchell!

Things were so different than last year, everyone knows that. Things are especially different in the world of sign spinning. Normally, we would have a giant competition Live in Las Vegas to determine the best sign spinner of 2021, but not this year. This year, the global pandemic has forced us to push things online and do a virtual sign spinning competition. So that way, sign spinners are safe and the sport of sign spinning can still have a channel to thrive.


The format was simple, sign spinners would submit a 30-45 second video. From there, judges would score and film commentary to live stream. However, this may have been the toughest competition yet, both for the judges and the sign spinners.

76 amazing sign spinners would pour their hearts into their performance but only 25 would advance to the final round. Of those top 25 were some names that would regularly make it to the final round, as well as a few new names who had a chance to shine with this year's digital format. There was so many amazing spinners, who's scores varied within fractions of a point, probably the hardest year to be a judge.

Jacob Mitchell: 2021 World Sign Spinning Champion

Ultimately, there was 1 spinner that unleashed a fury of unstoppable sign spinning energy and scored higher by several points. By removing the crowd factor and the element for any errors whatsoever, allowing this spinner to deliver a flawless performance. This video had some of the most original moves that we've ever seen in our lives, with a killer flow and style to match. Jacob Mitchell's victory was undeniable. He is the best sign spinner alive right now and took the 2021 #1 title from the clasps of other previous winners.

Jacob is regularly a top performer at the World Sign Spinning Championship in Las Vegas. Every year gives an incredible performance, and its surprising that he hasn't won before. It was really just a matter of time before Jacob won, and this was his year.

Jacob Mitchell Best Sign Spinner 2021 Jacob Mitchell Best Sign Spinner 2021

Normally, everyone expected Jacob to do his same old moves that he's known for. This year was different. Jacob surprised us all with an aggressive performance of the most violent sign spinning tricks ever seen. No one can recreate some of the moves Jacob dropped on us.

Jacob wasn't holding back this year, at all. He wanted a clear margin of victory and didn't want to leave anything to chance. "I had no idea what was out there, some phantom competitor could have a crazy round and I won't know until it's too late. I was competing blind!" said Jacob looking back on the format. He took the judges guidelines and advice to heart and filmed countless variations until he had the perfect competition round. He couldn't enter until it was perfect. Mentally, this was the toughest competition this year

Jacob's Sign Spinning Story

Jacob has been spinning signs since 2005. He originally got started in Virginia and was hired by AArrow OG John Caso. Jacob's martial arts and extreme acrobatics background made him a perfect fit for AArrow. He put a sign in his hand and took it from there.

Flash forward to today and Jacob has been all across the United States spinning signs. Houston is home for Jacob, and has been for several years. It's where his career really took off. It was here that he really fell in love with the city, the people, the culture, and the sport of sign spinning.

A lot of great sign spinners have spent time in Houston, so he was really able to absorb a lot of knowledge from a lot of different people. That's why Houston Sign Spinners are on another level. Sign Spinners go to Houston to get good at spinning, really fast.

Jacob World Sign Spinning Champion 2021 This is why Jacob is the World Sign Spinning Champion of 2021

Jacob's favorite sign spinning tricks are all the really technical inverts (spinning a sign while doing a hand spring or flip for the non-sign spinners). He really wants to push the limit on what is possible with the sign. Really, he just likes to jump around and draws a lot inspiration from Jose Angeles and Ray Rivera, previous champions.

Currently, Jacob is the HR & Information Manager for AArrow's largest franchise. Currently helping oversee operations in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, and Denver. Before this, he has held down literally every position at arrow, working his way through management from a sign spinner. Finally, he has become the best sign spinner in 2021 and has all the bragging rights that come with the World Champion Title.

We're a big family here at AArrow

Jacob wants to continue to grow AArrow and the sport of sign spinning. His business literacy and entrepreneurial spirit comes from his years AArrow. He wants to give back to the community he is from and help create more opportunities for the next generation of sign spinners.

Jacob has big dreams for the future. He wants to become more financially literate and be smart with his hard-earned sign spinning money. You can really get lost in having fun with sign spinning, but then suddenly you're all grown up and have to think about the future. Ultimately Jacob wants to become a Pilot, he's always been into Air Shows and planes since he was young. He's taken a few lessons and looked into a few schools. Flying runs in his family, his uncles are pilots and work on planes. Seems fitting for someone that's so airborne with the sign ;)

Jacob Mitchell Sign Spinner of the Month Jacob Mitchell Sign Spinner of the Month

When Jacob isn't spinning, he's probably working on his car. He's really into working on project cars and has a Honda CRX he's constantly tuning. Other than that, he's always staying active and constantly moving as much as possible. His favorite pizza is beef and mushroom with an alfredo sauce. Finally, some refined taste over here!

Jacob, we wish you nothing but success and keep doing what makes you amazing. Someone get this man a pizza, stat!

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