Sign Spinning on Live with Kelly and Ryan!


August 6, 2021

Jacob World Champion Sign Spinner

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2021 World Sign Spinning Champion Jacob Mitchell was invited to the set of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to show off his one of a kind spinning skills and to help the hosts learn a few moves of their own. Sign spinning is a real sport? Who would have thought! Jacob gets to show off on live television and blow the minds of everyone right out of the studio. An absolute win for the sport and culture of sign spinning!

Jacob shares his sign spinning story and gets to talk about the sport. We all know the business and marketing side, but the sport is what really matters!

Ryan Seacrest Sign Spining

Jacob makes it look easy in the video below but Ryan needed a little more work, so he headed out to the street corner in front of the studio to try out his new routine on the streets of New York City. Did we mention that. RYAN. SEACREST. SPINS. THE. SIGN! Absolutely mind blowing to see how far it has gone.

Watch more Sign Spinning on Live with Kelly and Ryan below – could you do better than Ryan on your first day? He did pretty good, we’d give him at least a 75/100 on his audit score 🙂

Sign Spinner, Sign Spinning, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Television, World Sign Spinning Championship, Luke Bryan

Update: Ryan and Katie Lowes get an in person sign spinning lesson from the 2021 World Sign Spinning Champion himself, Jacob Mitchell.  Just impressive how far sign spinning can take you! Who knows the next big thing we get to do, hopefully its soon! Until then, go Jacob – You are killing it!

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