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Sign Spinners Archives

West Coast Sign Spinning Championship

OMG The West Coast Sign Spinning Championship!

You heard it hear first, the West Coast Sign Spinning Championship is back with more fire than ever! But this time, it was online to move things along. The best sign spinners on the West Coast from Mexico to Canada competed digitally for the #1 title. We saw some favorites like Teddy Hale and Davis […]

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Is Sign Spinning Art? Yumi Janairo Roth Says Yes!

Posted by on 4.12.19 in Blog, Los Angeles, Orange County

What makes art, art? And what makes an artist, an artist? Is it the performance, the creation, or the expression? Sign Spinners are often compared to performance artist because the flow and tricks are expressed by the spinners unique sense of style. What sign spinners do every day has all the same elements that artists have in […]

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