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Is Sign Spinning Art? Yumi Janairo Roth Says Yes!

What makes art, art? And what makes an artist, an artist? Is it the performance, the creation, or the expression? Sign Spinners are often compared to performance artist because the flow and tricks are expressed by the spinners unique sense of style. What sign spinners do every day has all the same elements that artists have in their pieces. So is sign spinning an art? To Grand Central Art Center's resident artist Yumi Janairo Roth, that answer is Yes!


Sign Spinning Art Santa Ana Artwalk featuring sign spinning performance

Last weekend at GCAC, AArrow Sign Spinners got to be a part of Roth's interactive, experiential art project called SPIN. Sign spinners would be one of the main features in this exhibit, advertising and entertaining in downtown Santa Ana driving attention to the rest of the exhibit. Look out for more collaborations with AArrow and GCAC. See, sign spinners do make art!

This wouldn't be the first time that AArrow Sign Spinners partnered with Yumi Roth to make something amazing. Yumi Roth has been involving us in her performance pieces for quite some time and every time it is an amazing experiences. Yumi has projects featured all around the world and makes her career doing what she loves, and she creates things that people love and appreciate. Can't wait to be involved in the next piece, Yumi, thanks for including us! We'll always be there to keep things interesting :)

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