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AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight – Auto Dealers!

Every city has not just one, but countless auto dealerships from every maker out there. Millions of cars, every day are sitting on the lot waiting to be sold. Each dealership having different specials, financing deals, various holiday sales, etc; all of which looking for a way to differentiate themselves to consumers. That's where AArrow Sign Spinners can come into effect; just like any other hyper-competitive industry, we standout from the competition!

Sign Spinners sell more cars
Mark is unstoppable at getting your attention. Sign spinners sell more cars!

Sign Spinners are extremely effective for auto dealerships for many reasons other than the obvious, 'WE GET YOUR ATTENTION" factors:

  • AArrow Sign Spinners advertise to the target demographic, the thousands of drivers, consumers, and commuters in the area.
  • AArrow Sign Spinners can be strategically positioned to be at the entrance of traffic choke-points, entrances to Auto Mall strips, or even in front of competing dealers.
  • AArrow Sign Spinners take advantage of the "point of purchase" decision making, consumers are probably already in the area to buy a car and we can steer them right into the client's show room.

Davis Davis as a sign spinner in a car commercial
San Diego legend, Davis Davis, featured as a sign spinner in a Honda commercial.

By utilizing AArrow's signature sign spinning services at the right time and right place; it will be impossible to ignore your message! Let every consume in the area know about your specials, inventory clearance, holiday event, or financing deals by hiring AArrow Sign Spinners today!

Click here to check out sign spinners in another auto commercial!

"The sign spinners were awesome! We had several sales and walk-ins from customers who said they came in because they saw them!"

Hyundai of Moreno Valley, California

Click here to check out our Ford Fiesta Commercial!


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