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Cartoon Sign Spinner on Nick’s The Casagrandes

Casagrande's Cartoon Sign Spinner on Nick Casagrande's Cartoon Sign Spinner on Nick

Just when you think it can't get any better, there's a cartoon sign spinner on Nick (or Nickelodeon for us old timers). And what is even better is that he enters a sign spinning competition and they have a "Spin Off"! What can we say? They know what the people want, more of this please!

We already like Nick's new show The Casagrandes. This is the only episode we need to see to know its a success! The show follows Ronnie Anne and her multi-generational, Mexican American family through their adventures in the city. CJ (or Carlos Jr.) is the oldest son in the Casagrande family and he also has down syndrome. He's the main star in the episode we're talking about.

In this specific episode of the Casagrandes, CJ becomes a sign spinner and has the obvious talent for it. He wants to go all the way to the sign spinning competition and see if he has what it takes. He even trains with butter on the sign to help his grip strength and learns that drops hurt your score in sign spinning competitions (just like in real life). We will never not like a cartoon sign spinner, no matter what. This definitely hits home.

Check out the event we did for Netflix!

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