Spectrum Commercial Has A Sign Spinner?


October 29, 2021

Spectrum Sign Spinner

Yup, that was a sign spinner in that new commercial for spectrum mobile. Your eyes do not deceive you. And not only was it just any sign spinner in that Spectrum commercial, it was none other than the sign spinning legend himself, Matthew Doolan! Jeez, this guy is on fire this year.

We know we recognize those signature moves somewhere, of course its Matt! Even for a split second during the parade, you know an AArrow Sign Spinner when you see one. Don’t blink, becauseĀ  you’ll miss it. It’s only a second or two of high intensity, Matt Doolan action, but its all you need!

“Matt Doolan always get’s to do the coolest things!” -everyone

In this new commercial by spectrum mobile, they want everyone to know they are changing the way America does wireless. They have a nationwide 5g coverage for only $29.99! Looks like they’re ready to disrupt the wireless industry. The commercial is airing nationwide on all sorts of different channels. It’s awesome to be part of all the action, especially after the wild year of 2020.

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