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Dallas Sign Spinner on CBS 11!

Who is that Sign Spinner on CBS 11 in Dallas? If you were watching the same news that we we're watching, you'll know exactly who we're talking about. We all know its none other than Matthew Doolan himself! Matt gets a lot of love these days from winning competitions, to judging them. He's even made it on TV and gone viral, just by spinning his sign. As the saying goes, "Matt always gets to do the coolest things."

So this time, Matt is spinning signs, putting on a show for the street by spinning his bright purple Metro by T-Mobile sign. Suddenly the CBS 11 news team rolls up and Matt and has to get the story. This took place right after the recent Texas Sign Spinning Championship where Matt was one of many a sign spinner representing Dallas. But ultimately another spinner rose to the top and took down our hero.

And it really makes you think right? If Matt Doolan can spin a sign this good, who beat him? There's someone out there that is better? Yes, but not for long because the cut throat sport of sign spinning changes every weekend. You never know who's going to come up with the next big trick or next big catch! And it's always someone you never expected. Anyway, good stuff Matt, can't wait for the next one!

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You Can check out the full video here at CBS!

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