Top Ten Best of AArrow Sign Spinners in 2021!


January 8, 2022

Best AArrow Sign Spinners 2021

Wow, what a year that was. So much happened, and so many signs were spun. Well not as much spinning happened in 2021 that happened in 2019, before the global pandemic. But hey – We’re still here spinning signs and managed to survive the pandemic! Yay! So we’d like to review the best of AArrow Sign Spinners 2021 in a recap. Just in Case you missed it 🙂

10. The Virtual World Sign Spinning Championship

For the first time ever, The World Sign Spinning championship was pushed online. This was the best way to protect everyone, limit gatherings, and keep the sport of sign spinning alive. This changed the entire strategy of the competition seeing performance shifts with the crowd aspect removed and the creative video elements added. Shout out to Jacob for becoming the world sign spinning champion. Read more about the WSSC 2021!

9. Matt Doolan Goes Viral

If you don’t know, Matt Doolan is our resident sign spinning legend and he’s got quite a following for his sign spinning skills on Tik Tok. Every other video he does ends up getting an absurd amount of views. You can’t stop this guy, because he’s unstoppable. Follow Matt Doolan for more!

@signspinnerdoolan Missed y’all #signspinnerdoolan #justspinit #spinit #FriendsReunion #fypシ ♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

8. Project Spin in Las Vegas

Professional Artist and longtime sign spinning advocate, Yumi Roth, took her project SPIN to Las Vegas. Here she combines quotes from Sol LeWitt and turns them into performance art using the best medium out there, Sign Spinning! A project we’re both super passionate about. Project Spin found here.

Signs Art Exhibit Spin

Signs Art Exhibit Spin

7. A Cartoon Sign Spinner on Nick!

A dream come true, a cartoon Sign Spinning competition! CJ from Nick’s The Casagrande’s becomes a professional sign spinner and goes all the way to compete! Check out the Sign Spinning Cartoon Here!

6. Sign Spinner on You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno

So if you are really good at sign spinning, you get to do really cool things. That’s why Jacob Mitchell got to go be on Jay Leno’s new show, You Bet Your Life. Flipping Awesome.


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5. Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinner Campaign

Brave Robot hired Sign Spinners to promote their free ice cream give away in the Summer. What an unstoppable campaign, using sign spinning to give away free ice cream on a hot day. Genius! Look out for Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinners near you!

Sign Spinner Brave Robot Ice Cream

Sign Spinner Brave Robot Ice Cream

4. AArrow Sign Spinners – Rally the Valley

Sports! AArrow Phoenix rolled out to support the Suns in the playoffs. Shamon and the Arizona Sign Spinners held it down at the home games in Phoenix to hype up crowds. Come Rally the Valley with AArrow!

PHX SUNS Sign spinner

PHX SUNS Sign spinner1

3. Westley Fong goes Viral

AArrow Sign Spinning OG goes viral out on Tik Tok in Las Vegas. His video got soo many views he made it on Good Morning America! Check out AArrow Sign Spinner Westley Fong going viral!

@dimeken10 The best sign flipper out here. #fyp #signflipping #foryoupage #foryou #skills #moves ♬ original sound – Ken Francis

2. Sign Spinning on Kelly & Ryan

Jacob Mitchell once again showing us how its done. What a year for the 2021 World Sign Spinning Champion! He spins signs live on Live with Kelly and Ryan. RYAN. SEACREST. SPINS. THE. SIGN!

1. Robot Sign Spinners for Netflix: The Mitchells vs The Machines

Netflix hired us to take over a gas station and promote their movie: The Mitchells Vs The Machines. Sign Spinners dress up like Pal Robots and take over in their new pop up in LA! Check out these Robot Sign Spinners

Thanks for checking out the the Top 10 best of AArrow Sign Spinners 2021- looking forward to more adventures 2022!