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Arizona Sign Spinners Rally the Valley

Phoenix, AZ - Shamon has done it again! He has taken the sign spinners to the NBA play offs to Rally the Valley. So if you see a giant cowboy hat on the news, you know exactly who that is! It is our one of a kind, one-man-show, hype-man extraordinaire - Shamon Ingram!

Rally The Valley Sign Spinner on the News

Rally The Valley Sign Spinner on the NewsShamon Ingram, GM of AArrow Phoenix teamed up with his team of sign spinners in Arizona to spread Hype for the fans in front of the Talking Stick Arena during the Play Offs. Spinners from Las Vegas teamed up to spread the spirit and energy - there's enough for everyone!

Rally The Valley Sign Spinners Rally The Valley Sign Spinners

Every year, AArrow deploys sign spinners to be on hype patrol at the NBA games. It's like sign spinning was meant to be part of the energy and the fun. Hoping that the fanfare pushes The Suns over the edge so they can bring it home to Phoenix this year!

PHX SUNS Sign spinner PHX SUNS Sign spinner


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