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NBA Teams Hiring AArrow Sign Spinners!

Another major milestone for us here at AArrow Sign Spinners, since day one we've always compared ourselves to the NBA. From our logo, to our trick names; we have always thought basketball was the sport most similar to sign spinning. We even recommend sign spinners wear basketball shoes to spin for the ankle support, high impact cushion, and variability for changing directions. So for us, the NBA has been a dream client for years and this year it has finally come true! Sign Spinners are very synonymous with sports teams by performing amazing tricks and engaging with audiences.

NBA Sign Spinners
NBA + Sign Spinners!

Sports teams are constantly looking for new ways to market their ticket sales, merchandise, and other fan experiences and this year they hired the pros. Both Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns have utilized the outdoor advertising phenomenon of sign spinning this season. Sign spinners were positioned at key areas around the arena, hyping NBA fans up and performing for the masses. The sign spinners were impossible to ignore, performing eye-catching tricks and dishing out high-fives and waves of positive energy left and right. Precisely why it was a major success for both the client and the spinners! Looking forward to an amazing season of ups and downs and more sign spinning in the near future!

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