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Brave Robot Hired AArrow Sign Spinners!

It's Summer, and that means it is hot! You know what sounds good when it's hot? That's right! Ice Cream! You know what makes Ice Cream better, when it's FREE! Here at AArrow, we helped give away TONS of Free Ice Cream this summer. Brave Robot, a new brand of animal-free ice cream teamed up with AArrow Sign Spinners to give away Free Pints of Ice Cream at participating grocery stores!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the idea of giving out samples in a grocery store was long gone. So if you're going to launch a new product, giving it away to customers is basically the next best thing. And what's a better way to get the word out than using a sign spinner place right in front of the grocery store. Marketing genius!

Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinners Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinners

Sign Spinners were activated in major cities all across the West Coast. A sign spinner really helps make the in-person-connection that giving away samples normally can. But this way we can safely advertise, outside from a distance. The end result? Thousands of pints of Ice Cream given out, and millions of impressions, and even more positive vibes!

Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinners Gif Brave Robot Ice Cream Sign Spinners Gif

What is Brave Robot Ice Cream?

Brave Robot Ice Cream combines technology with dairy alternatives to make the future of ice cream. Finally, full flavor ice cream with NO animal products whatso ever. This isn't typical protein or diet ice cream alternative. This is real full calorie, and full flavor ice cream. So go out there and get your free pint, tell them the sign spinners sent ya. I'm thinking hazelnut chocolate chunk, or maybe raspberry white truffle.

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Click here to get your Free Pint from Brave Robot!

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