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Who’s Sign Spinning in that Progressive Commercial?

Progressive Sign Spinner Commercials are Everywhere

Rico : Superstar Sign Spinner

The progressive commercials are back and greater than ever! Yes - our absolute favorite insurance commercials. These guys at Progressive really get it. This time, we see a special guest sign spinning in the latest progressive commercial. Wait a minute, we all know who that is. It's none other than AArrow Sign Spinner super star - Rico Ellis! If you recognize him, that's because he's gone viral as a sign spinner on the streets too many times.

Progressive 796 Sign Rightleft Progressive Sign

Dude, Rico - quit hogging all the fame! You were already on Ellen, twice! And he's been on a bunch of other random commercials and other stuff. Any way, that's not important. But what is important is Progressive Insurance is back to using sign spinning in their commercials! That is just flipping awesome (see what we did there). So cool, we need more of this - like  A LOT more of this!

Progressive Sign Spinning Commercial Gif

The Progressive Sign Spinning Commercials are Hilarious

If you've been living under a rock and haven't seen on. Basically, the sign holder for progressive goes through a bunch of comically hilarious scenarios that really hit home for us in their last round of commercials. It's like they had some sign spinner give them the rundown of what life is like on the street corners. Oh wait. That totally happened too! These commercials just keep getting better. We're glad we could be a part of the action.

In the latest Progressive Sign Spinning Commercial, our boy is back out on the streets working the sign for progressive. And across the street is Rico, just absolutely dunking on the progressive sign guy. Then to make things worse, a little kid draws attention to the talent gap. Oh so good. Normally though, we're on the other side of the equation showing off doing tricks, and making other sign holders feel bad. But it's all in good sport, we always offer them a chance to come join the pros.  Shout out to Mike Sullivan the super cool actor for adding Sign Spinning to the Progressive family.

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