Progressive Sign Spinner Commercial!

It is an honor to have a sign spinner in a T.V. commercial for Progressive Insurance. Not just one commercial, but a series of commercials with all the classic sign spinner tropes. From Dad visiting at work, sign holding competition, or strangers asking directions; we can all relate. Our personal favorite is definitely asking our partner if our arms are getting bigger from being a sign spinner, which they have by the way.

Commercial Gif of Progressive Insurance Sign Spinner Trash Day in the Progressive Sign Spinner Commercial

So many of our sign spinners can personally relate to all of these situations. Especially sleeping with your sign, done it several times myself. Or how about someone pulling up to the corner to ask for directions? Happens all the time! These commercials continue to bring the reality of sign spinner to life. At least one of these has happened to every sign spinner out there!

Gif from Progressive Sign Spinning Commercial Progressive Commercial showing how we make friends sign spinning

Progressive Insurance is known for using recurring quirky characters in humorous slice-of-life situations. Their commercials are relatable and memorable which helps creates a unique impression. Do you know what else creates a unique memorable impression? That's right, sign spinners create unique impressions every day, which is definitely on brand in these commercials.


Progressive Sign Spinner
Progressive Sign Spinner pointing the way to savings!

We aren't just boasting about the character, we actually got to be a part of the creative side. AArrow Baltimore's own Tony Ha actually was on-set overseeing the sign spinning. Tony was able to teach the actor for the Progressive commercial a few basic tricks and provide any sign spinner feedback that only industry experts. Probably half of these instances are real life stories from Tony. It's always a pleasure to a part of the process.

Progressive Commercial Sign Spin Gif Dad DOES NOT spin the sign in this Progressive Commercial

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