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Retail Sign Spinners

Professional Sign Spinners anywhere.anytime.

Spinning for the Retail industry

Our Retail clients

Sign Spinners Testimonials

Ace Hardware

“Our spinner was great with lots of energy. We had a lot of positive feedback from our customers. I'm looking forward to another weekend."

Bruce Reeves

99 cents Store

"Customers were very excited about the sign spinners. I received a lot of good feedback."

Store Manager

Wine Shoppe Nashville

"We had a number of people today mention they saw your Sign Spinning! Great job in the heat!!! Give me a call next week and we can talk about scheduling again."

Bob Grussing


"AArrow Sign Spinners did a fantastic job of bringing high-energy and straight up fun to our store front. Their talents are next level; blowing the minds of passersby, customers, and our employees. They worked with great professionalism and Greg was fantastic working around our scheduling needs. We look forward to using them again in the future."

Brandi Moody

Dress for Success Denver Denver

Hello Sarah, We had our Donation Day on Saturday. The gentleman that was spinning the sign for us was fabulous. We got so many positive comments about having the sign to point people in the right direction. Thank you all for this generous donation of time, material and labor. It was such a huge help.

Emily Bardwell
Boutique Manager

Dolls for Daughters® & Kenzi's Kidz Denver

"Laramie was amazing! He was so professional and did a great job. We posted videos on our FB page and Instagram page as well. Have a great week and thanks for your support!"

7-11 San Antonio

"To whom it may concern, Mark did a very very good job for us and the AArrow Sign Spinners."

Johnny Gaice

99 Cent Store Sacramento, CA

"Customers were very excited about the sign spinners. I received a lot of good feedback.

Store Manager

Hayward Pool Supply IE

"Thank you! Great service. We got a LOT of compliments from our customers saying, "He is amazing". We actually got a couple of phone calls from people driving by wanting to compliment him. Thanks again. "

Summitt Bicycles San Francisco Bay Area

"Charly Rocks! A good soldier ya got here. Send him back any time!"

Drone Fly

"Hey Larry, Stephanie came out today and she was AWESOME!!! We had so many people call and come into our store saying how good she was. We also had a lot of friends and family that called us that happened to be driving by to say how good the sign spinner was. Thank you for sending her out. "

Justin Chien

Halloween Express

"George was great. People loved him. He brought in a lot of new customers!"

Christal's / Peekay Dallas / Ft. Worth

Good Morning, My name is Brittany and I am the store manager for the Christal's location off of Alta Mere and I just wanted to send an email to tell you that on Saturday 8/31 we had 2 of your sign spinners out working for us and everyone that saw them loved them. We had multiple calls from drivers saying how impressed with them they were. We also were completely impressed with them. I was not informed that they were even coming so having both show up for us on saturday was amazing and helped with traffic so much. Their professionalism was out of this world. They made sure to come by on Sunday to apologize for the mix up, which wasn't a problem at all seeing as we didn't even know they were coming. I went ahead and told them both to go to the Christal's location off of Randol Mill since i had them both on Saturday. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future and I will be telling my district manager that all 5 of our locations need them. Hope you have an amazing day and reach out to me if you need anything further!

Brittany Owens
Sales Manager

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein

Cricket Retailer Las Vegas

"We really enjoy your business, Sign Spinners are great. We really love Kianna Jones who is very outgoing, and brings in customers. Everyone that comes in is really good."

Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer Western Washington

"We enlisted the services of AArrow Advertising during May of 2014 to help introduce our new brand to the Western Washington market. Throughout our three-and-a-half year partnership, Richard Thesenga ("The Spinja") remained sensitive and responsive to our brand/company standards, business needs, and ongoing feedback for his team. AArrow sign spinners were a consistent component within our marketing activities and we would encourage other businesses to consider this unique medium for their own advertising efforts."

Alan Childress

The Joint

"All 4 guys were great out there in West Hollywood. Very happy with promptness, effort and skills."

Josh Grove
Director of Retail Marketing

MobileOne NorCal

Mark, You're employee Elijah Scholz is an awesome employee. He brings business in and he gets tons of compliments from our customers. They love him! They are always coming in and saying "Who's that sign guy out there? He's awesome!" Recognition goes a long way for my employees at my store so I just wanted to give him a shout out and let you know that he is doing a GREAT JOB! If it is possible, it'd be great if he would be able to come to my location more often. That'd be awesome.

Andrew Green
Retail Associate Manager

AT&T Temecula

Joe, I am one of the assistant managers at the Temecula CA AT&T retail store. I am writing to let you know of what an exceptional job Brad is doing here. He is absolutely the most dedicated and energetic I have seen to date. I want to thank him and your company for the level of enthusiasm and skill he has been providing to our location."

Charles F. Ramos
Assistant Store Manager




Case Study: Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation operating in 28 countries with 11,695 stores, composed of super centers and discount stores. AArrow Sign Spinners helps Walmart promote events such as Grand Openings, increasing traffic and awareness of their new locations. Walmart: Helping people save money, so they can live better! CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE Wednesdays   |   11:00AM – […]


Case Study: AT&T

AT&T Corporate-owned stores partnered up with The World Famous AArrow Sign Spinners at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2018 to increase new customers and activations, specifically push sales for the iPhone X, and create additional brand awareness in the communities they are well established. The design was intentionally kept simple in order to […]


Spinteractions : August 2022 Newsletter

Jerald’s creative nature goes beyond sign spinning. His creativity is demonstrated through dance and cinematography as well. His talents allow him to seamlessly bounce between composing beautiful video edits, and composing elegant sign spinning routines. Jerald had the chance to showcase all 3 of these attributes at the 2022 World Sign Spinning Championship. His ability […]


Sign Spinners for Amazon Fresh across the country!

Amazon Fresh is Here to Change How We Do Groceries! Their new grocery store is designed from the ground up to offer a seamless grocery experience, either in-store or online. Our AArrow Sign Spinners in Seattle and Washington DC have recently assisted in the promotion of new retail store locations.