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Sign Spinners for Restaurants

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Spinning for the Restaurants industry

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Sign Spinners Testimonials

La Familia Cortez Restaurants

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to share accolades regarding the work of Mr Mark Dandridge with AArrow Sign Spinners. La Familia Cortez Restaurants had the good fortune of having Mr. Dandridge assigned to a job fair that took place in the Fall of 2016. At that time, he discplayed an extremely positive, fun attitude that complimented our event. Not only that but afterward, he took the intiative to create a youtube video of our event that helped us to preserve the event for our files. Recently, we scheduled another Hiring Event and requested that Mr. Dandridge be sent out to spin for us. Again, we found his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done was refreshing. He exudes energy and enthusiasm all the while focusing on how to market our event. We appreciate his level of professionalism and will continue to request his assistance for future events.

Maria Tijerina
SPHR, SHRM, S-CP Director of Human Resources

Saxby's Coffee

Thanks for checking in! I'm definitely happy with the result. The spinner had solid energy and a great attitude, which I appreciated. Please give him (and his supervisor) my compliments. Finally, I will likely be back in touch over the summer to schedule more spinning during future events.

Jim Hilson

Dunkin Donuts

“We use AArrow Sign Spinners to direct traffic to our stores first thing in the morning. It’s perfect for us because we are able to reach our target market on their way to work and help them start their day out with a smile. Stores that use AArrow Sign Spinners have had a 30-40% increase in sales whenever the spinners are out there. Not only do the spinners attract tons of attention and AArrow’s staff is polite and responsive to company needs.”

Dave Vickers
Director of Operations

Pollo Tropical

"Hi Mike, We were very impressed with the service of your team. Thanks so much and we will be sure to use you in the future.
Isabella Ruggeri
Brand Marketing Manager

WestBean Coffee Roasters San Diego

"We decided to use AArrow Sign Spinning out in front of our new coffee roasting and cafe location. The new location is in an area with less foot traffic but a high volume of cars passing by. We figured a sign spinner might be just the thing we needed to get people to look over and see that were officially open for business. The results were great! Almost immediately we had more people pulling over and sales increased day to day. We initially signed up for a week, but after seeing the increase in traffic we signed up for another 2 full weeks. We felt like it was a worthwhile investment that helped our business."

James Rauh

Circle K

"Thanks Troy. Your team really takes advertising to the next level."

Kevin Taylor
Marketing Director


The team made some very positive comments about the spinner that worked on Saturday. They were very impressed with his continuous movement and skills. (Anthony Hounschell)

Willie Lewis

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein

La Familia Cortez Restaurants

Thank you Peter! I sure did not recognize Mark last week, he looks fabulous and did an outstanding job for us. We always want him on our account! Con Mucho Gusto, Maria Ext. 1859

Maria Tijerina




Inside the World Of Sign Spinning

Once just a low-wage job for teenagers outside of sandwich spots, sign-spinning is now a fleshed-out and fiercely competitive sport.   Twenty-year old Kendric Washington isn’t able to fully describe the maneuver that earned him AArrow’s 2018 sign-spinning world championship, but he’s willing to try. It starts with a back handspring, with the cardboard in […]


Signs of Good Marketing

A Sign Of Good Marketing In pockets of the country, at city street corners, a curious thing can be seen among the motion of jackhammers, honking of cars and throngs of people passing by: sign spinners. It’s not what it may sound like–that is, a neon or wooden sign, spinning around and around, thanks to […]



By now everyone’s seen the sign spinners out on the road. They hold up signs for apartments, strip mall restaurants, and all manner of stores to get your attention, and your money. They seem like cheap gimmicks, because surely they’ve never gotten you to go wherever it is they wanted you to. Right? But sign […]


Odd Jobs: Spinning for Sales

  As sign spinning is quickly becoming a popular new way to advertise, the actual sign spinners themselves are also being noticed for their impressive talent.  This “odd job” allows sign spinners to put their own flair on sign spinning and to show off their talent, all while interacting with people. One in particular was […]