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Sign Spinners Testimonials

Uber Denver

"George saved the day! Awesome Work. Interest picked up exponentially when he took over. 1 Before / 9 After"

Uber Denver

Hey McKenah, Props to the sign spinners yesterday. We had a massive event down in Cherry Creek with hundreds of people stopping in and asking about Uber. At one point there was a line around the corner. People were definitely feeding off all the energy and the spinners were killing it. Thanks again for workign with us through this super hectic schedule and helping to bring in the drivers.

Nicolas Stanton

Uber San Francisco

Greatly appreciate the show. As soon as Greg and Gannon started, we had easily doubled our traffic and interest in Uber. Great Attitude and showmanship.

Entertainment 720!

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Jean Ralphio Saperstein

The Park At Kingsview Village Maryland

Hello all, Matt the sign spinner did an awesome job! He gave really good feedback and said the median he was on was a good spot. He even had cars asking him for our information so we gave him some business cards. Even though we only had 5 tours, we took FOUR apps!!! All balloon pops were waived app fees. Can we get the spinner again next weekend??

Bonnie Dixon
ARM Community Manager