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Sign Spinners Testimonials

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! San Diego

The AArrow Sign Spinners are top notch! I produced talent for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!’s “used car lot” installation at San Diego Comic Con and we needed sign spinners that were *performers*. AArrow sent two amazing athletic spinners. Tyler was a bright light of energy and interaction with the hundreds of thousands of Comic Con guests. Both AArrow Sign Spinners were courteous and professional in the long, hot, sunny days. I would highly recommend them!

Tonya Kay, Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

National Museum of American History

Hi Tony, I’d like to thank you guys and the four spinners for an amazing day on Saturday. Everyone so enjoyed their performances and they really helped get the word out and hype up the crowd!

Danielle Hodes

LV Craft Shows Las Vegas

I have been using arrow sign spinners for the last three years or so. They have been doing an exceptional job, they are extremely entertaining, fun, they are noticed,they draw in a crowd, and they are definitely the best. Very professional, always on time, and do everything they are being asked. We totally love working with them!

Susi Engl, Owner

EBlock San Francisco

Just a quick note to thank you for organizing the spinner for us last week. The team really enjoyed working with Raphael – he showed interest in our business, and learned a little bit about the competition as well (which, actually helped him out as those competitors ended up talking to him while he was spinning). He was absolutely awesome! It was a pleasure working with you!

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein

La Familia Cortez Restaurants

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to share accolades regarding the work of Mr Mark Dandridge with AArrow Sign Spinners. La Familia Cortez Restaurants had the good fortune of having Mr. Dandridge assigned to a job fair that took place in the Fall of 2016. At that time, he discplayed an extremely positive, fun attitude that complimented our event. Not only that but afterward, he took the intiative to create a youtube video of our event that helped us to preserve the event for our files. Recently, we scheduled another Hiring Event and requested that Mr. Dandridge be sent out to spin for us. Again, we found his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done was refreshing. He exudes energy and enthusiasm all the while focusing on how to market our event. We appreciate his level of professionalism and will continue to request his assistance for future events.

Maria Tijerina
SPHR, SHRM, S-CP Director of Human Resources

Saxby's Coffee

Thanks for checking in! I'm definitely happy with the result. The spinner had solid energy and a great attitude, which I appreciated. Please give him (and his supervisor) my compliments. Finally, I will likely be back in touch over the summer to schedule more spinning during future events.

Jim Hilson

Supercuts Los Angeles

"Hi Christian, He was awesome according to our staff and friends…I think He helped a lot in our Grand Opening Weekend, we are very satisfied and for sure will contact you again if we have future events.


M/I Homes of Chicago

Hey Justin, I’ve been out on vacation but upon my return, I’ve heard nothing but good things. AArrow Spinners were received VERY well by the team – they were polite and professional, just like you promised. There’s even a Youtube video of your spinner that was floating around our distribution list J I heard a few instances they were late, but not their fault. GPS took them to another address. We’re happy so far. 8 more events to go! Thanks,

Tanya Naji
Marketing Manager

M/I Homes

Dominic was Awesome…So awesome that management would like to request him for our other events…He apparently did this little boat rowing thing that was a hit. Nice guy too! Thank you!!!

Stephanie Starn

Paddy'o Furniture

We use AArrow Advertising for all of our sales and events and couldn’t be happier with them. Their staff is professional and their signs are great quality. We have custom signs printed for each of our events, and the process is simple and the product is also easy to read and eye-catching. Scheduling service is easy and the owner is always responsive and a pleasure to work with. We definitely recommend AArrow Advertising!

Alesea Cosgrove
Marketing Director

Cozy Orange

"Your Team did a great job! Zach is a riot and full of energy. He totally takes his job to the next level and we always like having him here for our events!"

Melinda Haller
Marketing Director

AGANARmedia Dallas

Jon caught my attention because of his talent and because he was giving 110% on his job without supervision. He didn’t seem to be giving it all because his boss was nearby; he just seemed to be giving 110% because he cared. That is EXACTLY the type of people we want in our events. (Please make sure Jon’s supervisor knows about my opinion)