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Fitness Sign Spinners

Professional Sign Spinners anywhere.anytime.

Spinning for the Fitness industry

Our Fitness clients

Sign Spinners Testimonials

Orange Theory Fitness VA

Good afternoon Horacio! We appreciate the service that your company has provided. Everyone that arrived at the Sterling studio was always very professional, polite and amazing at what they do! We wish you the best for a prosperous year and would definitely call AArrow Sign Spinners when the need for a great sign spinner arises. Best.

Hallie Williams

Planet Fitness Seattle

“During the 2018 new year, we turn on all forms of marketing in attempts to reach as many people as possible. Out of all the forms of marketing we utilize, our spinners from AArrow generate the most excitement and awareness for our business! The sign spinners from AArrow really know how to turn some heads and get our business noticed. Over time, prospective members can tune out the same old TV commercials and radio ads, but nothing grabs their attention quite like these spinners! They are trained to perform eye-catching flourishes, and can even use customized signage designed around your business’ needs. AArrow Sign Spinners will always be a part of our marketing strategy, and I would recommend their service to any business looking to expand awareness”

EOS Fitness Encinitas

"Your sign spinners did receive 3 five star yelp reviews plus I had 11 guests join based on the sign spinners. "

Keith Elliott
General Manager

Anytime Fitness Baulkham Hills

"Yesterday was such a success!! Having companies like AArrow on board really helps, especially when the spinners are spectacular each and every time!The guy we had yesterday was so polite and one of the best we have had out. I can't believe he is only a beginner!!!!!! Thank you so much for providing such an amazing service.”

Amanda Trinnie
Club Manager


"Very Happy!!! Literally 20-30 People at least mentioned the Sign Spinners. The Battle they did was awesome too!

Amit Pow Jenes

Entertainment 720!

Sign Spinning reaches thousands of consumers, every day!

Jean Ralphio Saperstein




Sign Spinner Gym Planet Fitness

AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight - The Fitness & Gym Industry!

AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight – The Fitness & Gym Industry! As the year ends and things move towards the final countdown of the year, there is always the feeling of starting anew going into the next year. A perfect time to reflect on last year and a time to make plans, goals, and New […]

May 2021 Sign Spinner of The Month

Amit Sharma - May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month!

Amit Prakash Sharma; Half-man, half-robot, and full-time GM of AArrow Nor Cal, and now he’s the May 2021 Sign Spinner of the Month! Amit is 22 years old and has been spinning signs for about 3 years now. But don’t let the timeline fool you, he can hang. Amit got started with AArrow when his […]

Mattres Firm Houston Photo Sign Spinner

AArrow Sign Spinners Industry Spotlight - Furniture

AArrow Sign Spinners sell more furniture, period. Whether its a big holiday sale at giant furniture retailer or weekend service at a local mattress store, Sign spinners make an impact. Just ask any of our clients. We’ve spun for name-brand furniture stores like Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy, and Mattress Firm nation wide. We’ve even spun for […]

September 2020 Sign Spinner of the Month

Jimmel Martin - Sign Spinner of the Month September 2020

Houston, Tx – It’s no secret that Houston is home to some of the best sign spinners on the planet. That’s why they keep winning spinner of the month! That’s because with the intense Houston heat and humidity, you have to be tough to have an outdoor job. This month, we want to recognize an […]