Danny Partida – Over 50k views as Baby Shark Sign Spinner!


March 18, 2019

Sign Spinner of the month - Danny Partida

Baby Shark Sign Spinner

Good job out there Danny, Keep it up pal!

Check out Danny Partida bringing the Hype in Texas! Danny was out spinning signs for Metro PCS in Texas last weekend when he was filmed on the spot doing his thing. Facebook personality and DJ added baby shark to the track and dubbed Danny as the official Baby Shark Sign Spinner! Hey, its kinda catchy and Danny hits all the music cues, both the DJ and the sign spinner were on point with this one. Who will be the next sign spinner to go viral, you never know when the whole world is watching!

Spinners are always going viral, and you never know who is watching. Celebrities, musicians, famous youtubers and influencers are always rolling up on sign spinners. Don’t miss your moment to get noticed because it can pass in a second! There are opportunities every weekend to impress someone every time you go spin a shift. Millions see our sign spinners every, single, weekend!

Danny is a long time sign spinner, leader, and friend. There isn’t a person at the company who doesn’t know who Danny P is! When Danny has a sign in his hand, his energy is irresistible! Like it, share it, and if you see Danny Partida be sure to show him some love!

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