Campaign Summary : Live Nation x Blink 182


October 25, 2022

Live Nation enlisted the AArrow Sign Spinners to announce the upcoming Blink 182 Tour. 40 AArrow Sign Spinners took to the streets in 20 different cities at major events and high-traffic areas, using their eye-catching skills to create HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IMPRESSIONS IN UNDER A WEEK . People passing by were excited to stop and take pictures with us and with the signs, post on social media, inquire about the upcoming tour, and but tickets on the spot.


Some people were so pumped up they even tried to learn how to spin the signs while their friends filmed them. We were also able to capture video & photo content in each city to use for future tour promotion. Most importantly we found broad grassroots excitement for Blink 182 in general, and significant buzz surrounding the upcoming tour!